Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'm a Bad Girl :/

okay, i'll admit. I really am a bad girl.
let me see last time i posted. before Ramadan? like omg.
the good me ba2a, would've posted for Ramadan, and for Eid and like ugh!
last post: 8\1\2011 and look what it is now! a whole wide month! :O I blame myself. I've been sooo lazy. and i had no time in Ramadan to post.

let me just say, I'm sorry. :(
I'm sad myself.. :S

lets get real.
so, Ramadan was so normal, just visited some relatives, and hey, when our relatives came over, I made a Chinese dish all by myself! yay me! and they liked it! :D
um, you know what, one bad thing, is that when i leave events without writing about them, i just forget. so now, i can't remember much what happened in Ramadan. Wish you all had a Blessed month.

Happy Eid everyone! We also just visited relatives, went to eat in restaurants and stayed at home haha lol.
one thing I liked about Eid, is my outfit :D haha it was an orange dress. I love it and I was waiting so hard for Eid to wear it. lol.

I'm officially sorry blogspot. but Tumblr, has taken over!  I'm sooooo addicted. that may be a reason why I don't post alot here.
One other thing, I'm thinking of changing the theme of this blog. kinda got bored of it.
any suggestions? It takes me forever to make my blog look nice. I'd love to here your ideas :D

and hey! thanks for following! :D
Rahma Fateen