Friday, December 31, 2010

in the mood of posting :)

Really, I am, I am in the mood of posting
It was long since I last posted, so i just want to say hi after a long separation
First of all, Happy New Year!
I am intending to do lots of things this year,
but I still hate makeup :)
I want to put some kind of cream on my  face cuz its full of zits and stuff, and it doesn't look nice :(
I really really want to do well at school this year, no laziness!
and I want to memorize more Qura'n
I want to be good with my siblings (okay, that's a hard one)
and lots of other things
oh, and by the way, I would like to thank Amina for her post in
it inspired me so much.
I like Menna's blah-g and Lavender Clouds, Equal But Distinct, Twisted Thoughts........etc
6 october city is going to be brutally crowded, cuz you know, they built Mall of  Arabia over there, it's enourmous! it's so huge, and it is the to our house, it'going to be so cool, even cooler than City Stars
It has all kinds of shops you can think of, it's so awesome! :)
I am so happy, this year I will make facebook account!!
YAY!! :D
only 120 days to go!
4 months!
quarter of a year!
YAHOOO! I've been waiting for ages!
I ought to improve my english to write better things in blog than the things I write, mom says that :)
Bye, and Happy New Year,
Rahma Fateen

Thursday, December 9, 2010

my dear wallet :(

as you see, I went to the club today and I forgot to get a purse, so I was walking holding my wallet alone without anything.
so i got bored of holding it, so I gave it to Menna to put it with her in her purse.
and it all ended peacefully
when we rode the car and we were just getting out of the gate, i told Menna to give me my wallet, and .....
she didn't find it, we went out of the car running and looking all over the club and the weather was cold, i tell you, my cheeks were ice!
i kept looking for the wallet for an hour and .... I didn't find it :(
I am so sad, I miss it :(
but anyway Menna, will give me the money and i still don't know if i will buy another mp3 or not and the mirror was broken, i mean there was no mirror, i only saved the frame! hehe. it looked nice. i'm not insane
so again i am telling you my dear blog that i am writing to say bye to my dear wallet
bye bye wallet!
p.s the wallet was purple, that's why i liked it, basically :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Art -lesson-

so, we were supposed to have an Art DAY! but because the school isn't really good at english so they thought that DAY is LESSON, it seems so.
they gave us the LAST LESSON which is only 40 minutes to re-color the drawings little kids colored, and that wasn't good at all!
it was a little bit good cuz you know, we just had fun being out of the class for a minute! 
and that's it
so now i have to go to make coffee for my dad, which Menna volunteered to do but she didn't
and i have to go now to make it
so byee :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010


In science we are taking materials and their properties and stuff like that, so we had an assignment which we were supposed to bring five different kinds of sweets and test their brittleness so, we are going to eat it!
can you imagine an assignment that tells you to let your parents bring you FIVE different kinds of sweets to eat them and test their brittleness!
that's obviously cool!
so i got: galaxy chocolate, annnd a lollipop and bonbon and 2 cakes and borio
I will go eat them now :P

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nice week :)

I think this is the best week ever, really it was full of events
Sunday was off,
Monday we had PE lesson and I played basketball so hard that i think i lost so much weight!
thats good anyway
Tuesday, three schools came to ours, Delta, Zahret Elmadaen, and Beverly hills, we had the basketball tournament.
And guess what? Delta's are professionals, we lost them of course the rest were a piece of cake. We were in the third place although we were supposed to be the second but because we played against the hardest at first so we were out of the first and second from the beginning. It was a nice day, it was  like a sports day, I liked it
um.. Wednesday, we took our Quran lesson downstairs and we watched Pride and Prejudice (the movie)
It was AWESOME, I can't say more but that it was the best movie I watched since I was born! (of course thats exgagorating) it was just so nice, although i read the story three times and i never felt that it is so nice, I don't know it just made me live in the movie, i liked it so much, dunno why?!
Thursday was so nice too, I liked its break so much, i mean i enjoyed.
Thats it, the best week in the year (till now)
P.S it was also the best week cuz i had gr8 X100000000000000 news
i am going to make 3omra next year inshAllah and I am soooo happy :D