Thursday, November 25, 2010


I have a very bad cold
I am sneezing all the time and coughing and I have a yucky runny nose!
ugh that's gross!
I am so tired
I can't bend down, cuz when I do, whatever is in my nose goes down! and that time I'll  need a tissue
sneezing sorry :)
'bless you'
gotta go to get tissues
I wish I recover fast
I am tiredd

poem i wrote :)

This is a story 
a story of a girl
who changed her life
just to score

bad deeds used to be
everything she did in her life
but after she had changed
she never thought of anything but what Allah likes 

it started when she dreamt 
that she had went
to a great judge 
and could not budge

she saw heaven 
she saw hell
but she couldn't even
scream to tell

she was so sorry
she woke up in a hurry 
then she felt better
and went to tell her mother

her mother told her 
what she always told her
that she makes lots of bad deeds
and had to stop all these

this time she understood 
what her mom had always said
and now she started her new life
for the sake of heaven's infinite life

doing good deeds 
leaving bad deeds
wearing the hijab 
to enter every bab

Saturday, November 20, 2010

sorry mama

my mom saw me while i was typing the last post she was a little sad cuz you know when your parents are trying so hard to make you happy then you say that you didn't infront of them!
of course they will be sad
so i am saying sorry mama cuz i don't want her to be sad  i enjoyed being with my family without school stress and lots of hw
again sorry mama :)

The worst Eid EVER :(

Yes, it is the worst eid ever.
can you tell me what happened so interesting that can make it good?
i think i will tell you what happened
first of all my shoe wasn't so nice and it was so tiring, i just got it because mom told me that if i didn't get a shoe from this shop i wont get at all, and guess what i don't have except sports shoes i don't have one suitable for eid, and of course i wont wear a sports shoe with fancy clothes!
the second thing is that we didn't go to dandy mall and there is no eid without dandy mall.
the first day, i went to pray, and i didn't meet anyone but Mariam Elgamal, Nuha, Safiya and Aya (these are the people who i told them 'hi') I also met Mariam Dini but i didn't have a chance to tell her 'hi'
then we went home and made breakfast and this time we invited our granny not the opposite as usual.
then we went to our other granny to have another breakfast, and i played ping pong with my aunt and then we went to visit the rest of our relatives.
after we finished visiting we went to hyper and ate there, plus also we ate ice-cream, and went home.
we slept early that day cuz we had to wake up early the next day to go to slaughter the cow in a far place, it was so boring over there, they took very long time to cut the meat, we sat in the car listening to music until they finish. when we went home we didn't do much, we just went to give meat to people, then came home didn't do anything.
the third day we woke up, made breakfast, then went to visit mom's family then we ate pizza, then went to the club for only  5 mins! (really i'm not exgagorating this time)
then we went home, i sat on the computer for 15 mins only :(
the last day was on Friday, i didn't do anything but studying, i played a little with my brothers (actually i didn't study well, so i'm going to study again today :( )
that's it
now can you tell me what we did to make this eid nice?
stay at the club for 5  mins?!
nothing, but of course i have to thank Allah for all what we did
Thank you Allah
i did enjoy staying with my lovely family without school stress. :D

Monday, November 15, 2010

First day of Eid

Tomorrow's the first day of eid but I would like to inform you the plan of tomorrow. :)
First we will wake up from fajr, pray and then change our clothes and the house goes active as if it is in the middle of the day!
Then we go to pray and we leave after the speech, go home and maybe watch TV or do anything
Then we go downstairs to my granny to have our first breakfast with my mom's family
Then we stay downstairs or in the garden wait for some of our relatives to visit
Thennn go to our other granny and have our second breakfast which is so huge, with dad's family.
Then... I actually don't know we stay a little at our grandma and we don't have dinner cuz dad goes like 'no, we ate two huge breakfasts today, I am full and I think thats enough'
and we go like ' dad we aren't full, plz its eid, at least can we eat late dinner or sth so you can be a bit hungry?'
and here it goes the last part of the day isn't planned in a new way, we don't do any other thing but go visit our other relatives then go home and maybe we have late dinner and maybe not
You may think that our eid is so boring, but there goes a big fat no in your face, the rest of the week is full of surprises and we have the most fun we can ever have :D
Hope you enjoy like me!
Happy Eid :)

Eid is tomorrow! YAY!!

hello anyone,
guess what?
tomorrows eid and I don't feel so excited like always, I feel like tomorrows a normal day!
I don't know what's wrong, since I came to Egypt I never enjoyed any eid or maybe I did but not so much like I used to in America
Yesterday we went to Dandy Mall to buy our clothes we entered all the stores in the mall!
and at last when mom was like dying I bought a blouse only! but today I bought the shoes and I matched the blouse with a skirt I had but I never wore
I am fasting today, but I feel i'm not! I was going to eat my lollipop and I was about to drink water twice and when I woke up I was going to make my breakfast but I always remember right away!
dunno why but today isn't hot and there is only two hours left for maghrib, that's awesome!
that's it :)
Happy Eid

Saturday, November 13, 2010

back to old background

as youu see i'm back to myy old background
i like it it's wayy muuchh better than the other onne
anyway i'll stay like this uunntill i find a better one :)

howdy- have nothing to say

hello, whoever is reading my blog
this is rahhma fateen
i am at mariam's righht nnow and as you see her keyyboard has some problem that it repeats the letter twice
she is sittinng beside me now and she is laughing at whhhat i wrote :D
oh.. forgot to say i am here (at mariam's house) cuz we were supposed to watch a mmovie called 'mega mminnnd' in the cinema 3D hehe :P
but.. annd only but when we went there the guy told us that it will start at 12:30 'becauuse they are big besela' mariam told mme to write that :)
thhats the reason im hhere
so manyy mistakes cuuz of that keyyboard
aren't you jjealous?
i mmeann cuz imm going to the cinema without you ? :P
anywayy see you soonn
juust can't wait for the  mmovie :D
mariam tells youu bye :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

loooong day

today was a long day, you know when its 9 am and you feel its like 4 pm or sth!
it was like that, it was full of events and I totally enjoyed, alhamdulillah
first of all it was a very long, boring day at school and then we stayed after school to help in organizing the parents meeting I got tired from guiding the parents, I felt as if they don't know anything in anything!
I was also so tired of going up and down 4 floors with parents to show them the way to the teachers.
It was a mess!
then after that, we went to the club I enjoyed a little :)
we were supposed to leave the club at 7 then my brother told my dad that his practice will still start at 7 30 so we sat until 9 and  my friend Zeina came sat with me then after her came Nancy, Salma and Yasmine
It was a long, tiring day but it was fun!