Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Part 2: In those green eyes

Do people actually think about what they say before they do? And if not, do they at least think about it afterwards?
I believe that words can be the most powerful way to express ones feelings. It's either chosen carefully or it can change other people's feelings as well. It can be written or spoken. It can bring a smile or a tear. It can break a heart or fill it.

When I speak to Kate, it's like she's the other voice in my head that tells me to do something or not to. She's like my private adviser that knows whats going through my head without me having to choose the words to describe it; the way I have to do with everyone else. Sometimes I don't even have to open my mouth, I just imagine her beside me in a silent conversation. (also not to make people think that I talk to myself in public) I can perfectly see her through my big green eyes (one that was bruised got smaller than the other).

In those green eyes, I could see the perfect girl I've been always looking for. I could see her smiling at me for confidence whenever I'm nervous or insecure. I could see her glaring at me whenever I'm about to do something wrong, and if I still do it, I could hear her whispering to me to stop it. I could see her in disguise of everything I need at any moment. I could feel her soft skin close to mine whenever I need someone beside me. Her life parallels mine. Literally. Kate made me mature in ways that really changed my life.

In those green eyes, I could see that not everyone could be trusted (which was one main reason why I imagine Kate). I could see that not everything that looked good from outside, was good from the inside. I could see that judging was bad, insulting was bad and telling rumors about people that weren't even true was bad.
I understood many things from Kate and I really wish I keep imagining her till its said that Rahma is the grandma that talks to herself all day long. Kate represents me, my family, my friends and even strangers.

To everyone who took this personaly, imagination is something everyone has the right to do. I did not point out someone in specific, I was speaking in general. BUT, if the shoe fits you, feel free to wear it. :)

Lots of love,
Rahma Fateen

Monday, September 24, 2012

Imagination is my limit -Part One

Her name is Rahma Seif Fateen 2. She is tall and her friends say she's slim , though she doesn't believe it, but  she doesn't bother to lose weight because she likes food so much. Chocolate is her favorite food, shes kinda addicted. She's pretty good at most sports, but still not really athletic. One 15-minute-run and she wouldn't be able to move for a week (that's exaggerating of course).
She has this one friend, who she actually lives for, her name is Rahma Seif Fateen 1. Which is me.
Hey! Now that you know my friend, I actually call her Kate, my favorite name. Don't get surprised, I'm not insane, I'm totally, perfectly, mentally alright. Kate is my imaginary friend, who I am dedicated to.

What brought me to this (not that its bad) is my latest discovery. People are bad. They're evil. Selfish. No one cares for you as much as you care for yourself. Kate is me, myself and I. She lives inside me. She's everywhere I am.
I've been through many situations in my life that proved that I'm right. Times when I was miserable, no one to cheer me up. Times when I was hopeless, no one to show me light. Times when I was broken, no one to heal me. Times when I wished that I didn't exist and there was no one to ask about me.
People who I thought they cared for me, and who I thought they loved me, weren't always there for me. Some betrayed me, some simply sold me, some tried to make me jealous, to break me, others who weren't even bothering to think about me.
Lots of people came in and out of my life. Either changing me, or passing by like cold wind, only leaving some memories. But at the end, the only thing that remained was me, my feelings and my thoughts, so lonely and weak.

Only recently had I decided that I couldn't take it anymore, I needed to share everything with someone, I had to show my feelings and not keep it inside me which always caused me pain and sorrow.
That was when I decided I needed Kate. I needed her desperately.

                                                                                               -- Continued.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Liebster Award!

Romaisa  is the lovliest thing ever. She gave me this award too ^_^
I thank her dearly :)
ahhahaha yay thank you Romi <3 nbsp="nbsp">

The rules:

  • When tagged state 11 facts about yourself,
  • Then answer the 11 questions from the blogger that tagged you,
  • Then choose your own 11 questions and tag someone who has under 200 followers and who you would like to get to know better.
The facts:

  • I like math.
  • I judge (don't judge)
  • I got my eye bruised by my friend's head (yeah she was a nerd)
  • I never got any bone broken (alhamdulillah)
  • I'm writing too many brackets (if you haven't noticed)
  • I just made myself an imaginary friend.
  • I want to learn German.
  • I get headaches too much
  • I think i'm brave, but i'm not. (but believe in yourself heh? ;))
  • I once said that 'dog' was a bad word in class and they all laughed at me :(
  • I am currently writing the 11th fact :P

  • Romaisa's questions:
    1. What is one of your pet peeves?
    When people eat with their mouths open.

    2. What age do you turn on your next birthday?

    3. What is your favourite type of food? (E.g. Indian, Turkish, American, etc)

    4. Have you ever tried pink lemonade?
    no. Do you recommend it? :)

    5. What celebrations do you celebrate in the year? (E.g. Eid, Christmas, Birthdays, etc)
    Eid and birthdays :)

    6. Do you make YT videos? If you're not do you plan to?
    No and no.

    7. Which YouTubers do you watch?

    8. Are you vegetarian or do you have any specific 'food rules/regualtions'?
    I'm chocolatarian.

    9. What languages do you speak?
    Arabic and English

    10. Are you organised?

    11. What's your favourite subject?

    My questions:

    1. What do you do in your free time?
    2. Do you like little kids?
    3. What is your greatest goal?
    4. Whats the most country you want to visit?
    5. When you're angry, what do you do?
    6. Forgive or Forget?
    7. Food or Friends?
    8. Do you mostly hate, or love?
    9. How many siblings do you have?
    10. What do you wanna be when you grow up?
    11. What are you wearing right now?
    The blogs I tag:

    Lots of love. x

    Rahma Fateen

    Wednesday, September 5, 2012

    Hey lovlies

    Hey hey heyy!!
    You missed me right?  Haha, I knoww :p

    Anyway, so I last posted in Ramadan and guess what, after Ramadan was Eid!! So cool right? lol
    Eid was no big difference from the previous ones tbh, and we had not so much time afterwards before we started school.
    In the last week of vacation aka freedom, I had a sleepover with my two best friends, anD WE DID A HARRY POTTER MARATHON.

    and we did this awesome piece of art:

    Again I'll mention that I diDN'T SEE THE BEACH THIS SUMMMERRR :((((( I'm not really happy, but I'm going on.

    So I started school three days ago, and I'm having Wednesdays off, but we're going on Saturdays, like my sister last year.
    Grade 9 is so different from grade 8, I actually do feel the difference though I was in the same system but only a year younger. Imagine how the students from the national system will feel if they come to grade 9 straight away. I mean, it is totally different!! All the teachers are new, and they're so strict. Like last year we were so spoiled, in English we watched a movie a week or something like that lol and our grades were soooo bad, like some boy in my class got -0.1 from 6!! Another thing, we move classrooms, like we don't spend the whole day in one classroom you know, its kinda cool. All my classmates grew, I can feel the difference, and most of the time they're concentrating (which isn't something normal to my class) it's either cuz its the beginning of the year, or cuz they really wanna learn, I dunno.
    We've got a Syrian new girl in our class, she soooo cute and I LOVE her accent!! If I stick to her too much I might as well change my accent lol.

    I just felt that my blog needed to be updated so yeah hehe.
    oh, and I changed my tumblr url fyi. Cuz someone told me that its called chococloud and it had only one chocolate cake lol so I changed it to this It's kinda long I know haha, but it consists of what my blog really consists of :D
    Whaddya think of adding gifs? I think its epic dontcha?

    See you! x
    Rahma Fateen