Monday, February 28, 2011

I'b God a Code --- by Kenn Nesbitt

"I’b sick," I pout ad blow my doze.
"I’b misseeg all by favorite shows.
I hab to stay id bed, you see.
My mob wode led me watch TB.
She breegs me chicked soup ad says
that I should try to get sub rest.
Bud I’b too bored ad icky feeleeg,
yired of stareeg ad the ceileeg,
achy, cougheeg, stuffed up, too.
Bud thaks for askeeg. How are you?"

Rahma Fateen

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mid-Term vacation.

Without travelling, my vacation was full of events, and new, historical ones!
First days, I went to the club so often with my friends, Mall of Arabia opened new, so we went some days. Then these demonstrations started, and I went four days, two before he left, one on -the best day ever- the day he left, and one after he left, and I bought that t-shirt.
After the demonstrations, I went to dream park, and after that I had a sleepover with my friends, and we enjoyed to the max! on Thursday, I went to the club, with my sisters friends and one of mine, but I admit, it was so nice ♥
We got the news that school will start on Sunday -tomorrow- after it has been delayed for two weeks! So I went to Dandy Mall, with my best friend -Mariam-, we had so much fun, we went early in the morning, so we could have lots of time to enjoy.
First we went to claire's, and we kept there for about an hour! we took lots of time to choose stuff. We bought similar rings for all our friends, they are five actually not all, so don't be sad, the other friends 'cause we didn't buy for you XD.
And you know, there is an awesome offer there in claire's, you fill a paper, and on your birthday, they will call you and let you come to take your birthday gift! It's so nice! I can't wait for my birthday! haha
And at last we headed out of the shop, and we went to continue our journey.
I saw some t-shirt, thats written on it 'New York ♥ Me' and it has some signatures on it, it was so nice, I deadly wanted to buy it! I called mom to take permission, but unfortunately, she told me that it isn't so necessary and stuff, like all moms, and I didn't buy it :(
We went to have our lunch, in the food court, I didn't really want to try new food, so I went to a normal restaurant, I am used to, its called Prego, but its so nice :D
After that, we went to 'Funky Land' and we played Air Hockey! I'm an expert in that game! I just love it ♥
We went to eat ice-cream after playing, and of course, I ate chocolate! It was so nourishing. After that, we went to the bookstores, I didn't really buy a novel I was looking for, 'cause I was nearly bankrupt! So we just continued our day, and in the middle, the school send my friends mom a message and said that school has been delayed till the fifth of March!
That was bad news for me, 'cause I am about to get bored of this vacation.
Anyway, we gotta thanks God for everything.
P.S Hope you like the pictures!

Rahma Fateen

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heart Attack

My mom's uncle lived beside a mosque and he was kind of responsible of it, he used to make the athan and iqama every prayer every day.
On the days of the demonstrations in Egypt and on the days which violence occurred, when the camels and horses came and all these thugs that came to kill the protesters, that day, my mom's uncle was watching the news channels and he was so mad, and he felt that he had something in his heart, anyway, he went to the mosque, and gave the athan, and when he was about to give the iqama, God took his heart and he died. -rahimahu Allah- .
My moms uncle and my moms dad are brothers and moms uncle's wife is the sister of moms mother. So they are all relatives. All the family was sad that time, though his way of dying was the greatest.

Anyway, from two weeks, my grandfather, (moms dad) also had felt something in his heart, and his pressure was so high, we took him to the hospital right away, and he was there for about 3 days, at the last day, they told him that he needs to make a surgery and put pillars because some artires were closed.
Alhamdulillah, it passed well and he came yesterday.
Yesterday, mom put her hand on her heart and said that HER heart hurt, I told her 'no!! mama, don't say that!'  It passed, and after that with some time, I put my hand on my heart, and I felt that it hurt me!
What do you conclude? I dunno, from two years before, I felt the same, and dad joked and told me that I am going to die! and he kept joking about it.
I dunno, but I am not afraid, because mom says that whats happening in the world now brings stress and that may have caused this feeling.

fallahu khairun hafizan,
Rahma Fateen

Sunday, February 20, 2011


so I am posting mainly 'cause Soraya told me to :D ♥
haha. no probs Soraya, since I am on the computer, it means that I have some spare time to post ;) you aren't wasting my time.

Yesterday, was so boring, and my brothers were going to the club to practice, so I decided to go with them, at least to get out of the house for a while! haha. So I took the kindle with me, and I continued reading 'The adventures of Sherlock Holmes' I read some other adventures last year, but these are better, and needs more intellegance! I like mysteries and I like mathematics so much! I like making my brain work all the time :)
don't really ask me what this means,
I just liked it :D
And you know what?! I wore some t-shirt I bought from the square (tahrir square) written on it 'The day we changed Egypt, 25 January' its so nice, I loved it. ♥
I just love all the t-shirts that have slogans on it, or funny sayings.
haha. I like this one :D
I don't really know what to say, Soraya kept pleading me to post and I don't know what to say, I don't post till there is something special I wanna say or so....

When I sat on the computer, I had lots of posts to read (of the blogs I am following) and lots of emails to reply to, and I had to reply in details, so the one who sent it wont be sad.
I am just so tired that I thought to call this post like that, although I am not really talking about it.
You know, most of the posts I read were about marriage and stuff, I am young to talk about these things, but I like to be in the company of big people, you know all young kids are like that, it makes me feel bigger, when I know about these things, I just feel bigger and more open-minded.
Now, I am really out of words, and as you see in the title I am really out of battery and I am so tired, I wanna sleep.
Good Night!
Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bight!
haha. ;)
Rahma Fateen

Friday, February 18, 2011

Such a long and exciting day! ♥

Really, it was, actually the best day ever!
I woke up at 7, and I started changing my clothes, I wore a black pair of pants and a pink tonic (I do hate pink, but unfortunately, most of my clothes are pink) and a pink -two pieces- hijab. And I went downstairs to have breakfast and make my food for the day, I found mom, had already made my hamburger sandwiches, so I ate breakfast and was about to leave, I put my things in the backpack and left. On  our way down, in the middle of the stairs, mom stopped me and told me that she isn't pleased of me wearing pants, since I already reached puberty, I shouldn't really wear pants anymore, so I went back upstairs and I changed to a jeans skirt and a white checked purple blouse, which I got lots of comments on, with purple scarf, and I headed down fast.
Hey! this isn't the game I rode three times,
I was scared to ride this one :)
We went to a place where all the other girls met, and they rode the car with us, and we went along the way! To an amusement park, called dream park :)
It was a long way, and all the way, we kept deciding what game we will ride first and what next and stuff.
When we arrived, we rode the waterfalls game, I didn't get really wet, but it took long to dry, though it was a hot day.
I am not so brave and I am not a scaredy cat either, I don't ride very hard games 'cause I get dizzy so fast.
Anyway, so this day was awesome, 'cause at least it was a fun day after this bad vacation and 'cause it was the most day I rode games in my life. Every time I went either I didn't have time, either it was so crowded, so I never had a chance to play many games.
But today, I rode a lot! and SURPRISE! I didn't have a headache!
Actually that's a miracle! 'cause this day, I rode some games!
There was a game, I really liked, I rode it once, and I LOVED IT, so I rode it a second time, but that time, the guy made it so slow, so I rode it another time and my friends told the guy to make it extremely fast............
I tell you, he made it so fast that I felt like puking on my friend, sorry for being gross, but it was like that, when the cart was twisting, it was so fast, so I felt like someone was grabbing my heart from the back, it was so fast. I thought that I wouldn't be able to continue my day, and it will be the first day in my life and I will faint for the first time and that I will be dizzy.
And I was the most surprised girl in the world at that time, I went out of the game, I kept rolling and stuff, I couldn't stand steadily, but I DIDN'T GET DIZZY!  el7amdulillah :D

Anyway, alhamdulillah it was a nice day. and since we came somehow late, I didn't really have time to post this that day, so I'm late a day, I'm writing the day after I mean.
Today, I went to tahrir square again, not for protesting, but because Sh. Youssef Elqaradawi gave the jummaa speech there,  and there was like some celebration because the president stepped down and stuff. It was sooo crowded, the most day! (for the second time, I said that :))
hehe. :D

so, for now, I gotta go,
RAhma FAteen

Saturday, February 12, 2011


I dunno what to call this post, cuz in this situation I am out of titles, really.
I am just so happy that I can't describe my feelings in words. So I don't have anything else to say but that I am v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v ............................ proud of these Egyptians. We did it all alone, without help of America nor Israel, no one. of course after help from Allah (swt) actually it was all in His hand, but Egyptians had a strong determination, which made him go away. of course.

I just should say that the best thing he did in all his ruling time is that he stepped down, but if he had done that a little bit earlier, it would have been greater. I am ready to see my self telling my children about this experience, since I went three days. I can say it detailed that time with my feelings and all my thoughts

You know what, it was a really great day 11-2-2011. Like every Friday, we went to our grandparents, but this time we went a little bit earlier, before aljummaa prayer, and we went to pray in a mosque. Then we went to Cairo University, cuz dad works a professor there, and they had a march from there till tahrir square! so much walking, anyway, so we went and actually I didn't feel tired cuz I was so proud that I didn't even have time to feel tired! The best feeling ever! we did walk a bunch of kilometers but it didn't really matter with me, at least I lost some weight!
So we were so much in that march, we were like almost 5000 or even more! when we went there, I tell you, it was the most day ever (in the number of people) since the beginning of this revolution, there was so much of people inside and outside wanting to enter! they didn't even have time to inspect us all, it was nearly impossible! we were more than 7 million people!
It was nearly like hajj! so crowded that everyone has to hold the tail of the one in front so we wont be lost or separated! we looked funny and we couldn't hold it anymore, my back was broken and my legs were just so tired, so dad decided to go back to granny's home to eat and stuff, so we did.
I don't really want to put his picture in my blog! but
it is a good picture to describe this!
After we ate and rested, we heard in the Jazeera channel that the Egyptian rulers will speak soon, we thought that it will be like always, somehow at 11 or 12 at night! and we totally didn't imagine they would say anything related to stepping down, since the day before, he spoke also and he just said some promises and kept talking about himself and saying things that obviously didn't please any Egyptian at all! Once it started, dad called everyone at home and they all gathered around the small television in the small room, to hear, and hopefully, HE SAID IT! MUBARAK STEPPED DOWN! no one actually recognized it at the beginning and no one believed it, and all at once, cheered 'Allahu Akbar!' 'alhamdulillah' ! it was a historical moment, I even wished we didn't leave and we were still there so we could celebrate! After that, everyone at the house was holding cellphones and congratulating friends, and checking facebook and stuff. It was just the best ever!
In the way home, everyone was peeping and waving the flag out of the cars, even dad did! he was peeping all the way home! Everyone was celebrating, we even bought a tart in our way home to celebrate! It was just the best day ever!
I gotta let everyone be sure that this will be saved in the history, the great history of Egypt.
And once again, i'll say, I am proud to be Egyptian! ♥♥
Rahma Fateen

Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm Egyptian and proud! :)

It's a really nice feeling, when you feel that your country is a very important thing to you.
 Imagine that you have an earthquake in your country, and your house is falling down. What would you automatically save? something very precious to your heart you can't live without. some would say their laptop, some their iPhone and other things. They don't recognize that these things might be ruined one day. And they can't stop it  from being ruined. But when it comes to your country, you can defend it and you can stop anyone from taking it  from you and ruining it.
Exactly the same, I felt like as if someone is taking my mom away and I am holding back! I was never proud of being and Egyptian before. When someone used to ask me about my nationality I used to say 'well, umm. I was born in America, but unfortunately I'm an Egyptian' some people used to look at me like 'what the heck? aren't you proud?!' sometimes I used the fact that I was born in America for arrogance, and lots of people were jealous from me cuz of that! that made me never want to change.
Egypt is passing by golden days and what Egyptians are doing now will be written by history.

When I used to hear that some people in Egypt get drunk and that some also kidnap babies to trade them with money from their families and all these bad things. I used to say the Egypt has the worst people in the world! I never knew that most countries has the same kind of people and some have worse!
Now, when I watch different news channels, I find out that Egypt has the best people!
10 days demonstrating just for gaining rights. Isn't that great?! And they are all optimistic! they sing Egypt's national song together, and they act a play as if they are hanging the president and his party! They all have the spirit.
They made me feel as if I want to be with them. I want to be one of these people right now. I am totally ready to give any thing for the sake of my beloved country. When I used to tell my friends that I want to go and stuff, they all used to tell me, 'no, it's dangerous, you might be killed or wounded, can't you see whats happening over there?' I'll have to tell them all, that I don't care, I can give anything for the sake of freedom in my country.
Every single person in Egypt is proud of these people, even people outside Egypt. Lots of Egyptians in US, Britain and lots other places protest in their country for the same reason. People around the world fast solidarity with us.
So once again I'll say. I ♥ Egypt and I love the ground I step on, more than anything else.
Rahma Fateen - The Egyptian :)
P.S Mubarak, you have to step down :P

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

After a long separation

oh yeah, I miss you blog. I am really sorry. it's totally not my fault. cuz you know, after what happened in Tunisia, our Egyptian men, decided that on 25th of January, they will do the same, they will make demonstration. and the internet was a very active way in making people go down and join in these demonstrations.
so, the very kind government decided to cut the internet access and that made me freaking mad!
Anyway, as you see, these demonstrations are working so well, but still, I WANT HOSNY MUBARAK TO STEP DOWN! and by the way, even Obama told him to, but I dunno, he's a weird guy. I have to admit
The most scary thing is that 17,000 people in prison ran away! can you believe it?I was so scared and what made me more scared is that dad traveled on Sunday. That was totally scary. actually I was scared to death. but what made me less scared. that thank God, Egyptian men went in the streets at night to take care. they even used to work instead of policemen and they used to clean the streets. great job, ha?
You know, yesterday when they said they wanted million or more people in these demonstrations. I was like 'mama, I wanna go!' I really wanted to, I didn't want this thing to pass without participating in it. but unfortunately, I couldn't :( but isA tomorrow we will. we still don't know
Anyway, I think i'm not going to speak about these things only in my whole post. so I got to say that i'm so glad the internet is back. I missed it X a million.
You know what?, I think the vacation wont be the worst after all!
Nobody knows. I'm just hoping :)
I really want to make my post long like my fellows, but I just don't know what to say.
Never mind, I've already squeezed my  mind enough to think of what to say.
So, bye bye :)
Really, when I have something to say, I'll come right away and post it.
Thanks to all who read my blog,
Rahma Fateen
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