Thursday, November 29, 2012

From: The Exemplar Beyond Compare

"If you are wealthy, then ponder on the humbleness and generosity of that Great Prophet who reigned sovereign over entire Arabia and won over the hearts of every Arab notable through love...

If you are among the weak, then take reference from the Prophet's life in Mecca under the rule of the horribly oppressive idolaters...

If you are triumphant, reflect on the Prophet of courage and submission who routed the enemy at the battles of Badr and Hunayn...

But, Allah forbid, should you become defeated, then remember the Prophet walking patiently and courageously amid his wounded and martyred Companions at the field of Uhud, having completely yielded to Divine Will...

And if you are a teacher, just think of the delicate, sensitive and affectionate Prophet conveying the pearls of his heart to the Students of Suffa by the Masjid'un-Nabawai...

If you are a student, picture the Prophet sitting before Jibril صلى الله عليه وسلم at the moment of Revelation, cautious and motivated, filled with respect.

If you are a preacher, a counselor calling to the good, then give ear to the pleasant voice of the Prophet flashing sparks of wisdom from his heart to his Companions at the Masjid...

If you are left without aid in you want to protect and communicated the Truth and elevate it, then take a look at the life of the Prophet who proclaimed the Truth to the ignorant and called them onto guidance at a time when he was deprived of all aid in Mecca...

If you have broken the resistance of the enemy, leaving them incapacitated, and devastated evil to proclaim the Truth, then bring before your eyes the sight of the Prophet, on the day of the Conquest, humbly and thankfully entering the sacred turf of Mecca, on camelback as if to fall prostrate, despite being a victorious commander...

If you own a farm and want to put things on track, then draw a lesson from the Prophet of competence who appointed the most able to revive and administer, in the best possible way, the lands of Banu Nadir, Khaybar and Fadak after seizing possession of them...

If you are lonely, then reflect on the son of Abdullah and Aminah, their dearly loved orphan of innocence...

If you are a teenager, closely consider the life of the youth, the future prophet, shepherding the shock of Abu Talid at Mecca...

If you are a trader set out with caravan loads of goods, ponder the integrity of the grandest man of the convoys destined for Yemen and Damascus...

If you are a judge, recall his just and prudential move in intervening to replace the Black Stone at the verge of Meccan notables going at each others' throats...

Then turn your glance once more to history and take a look at the Prophet in Medina at the Masjid'un-Nabawi delivering his verdict with the greatest conceivable justice between the poverty stricken destitute and well to do rich, as just as one can imagine.

If you are a spouse consider the deep emotions and compassion of the Blessed Husband of Khadijah and Aisha...

If you are have children then learn the affectionate conduct of the father of Fatimah, the grandfather of Hasan and Husayn...

Whoever you may be and in whichever circumstance you may find yourself in, you will find Muhammed Mustafa صلى الله عليه وسلم as the most perfect mast and most beautiful guide at all times and places."
Rahma Fateen

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Dear readers,

I am really glad that you manage to read all my rantings, but I just wanna ask for a favor? Please tell me what you think. Your comments and thoughts really mean to me. I want feedback. Either by commenting, or contacting me: That makes me know if you like it and I should go on or not, plus all the things you didn't like so I can change in the next posts.

It will be appreciated.
oh, and English readers, sorry about the last post, I just felt like you know, I'm Egyptian and stuff I should write in Arabic too. You'll find many of these in the future Insha'Allah. Please don't stop reading my blog though, I'll still be posting in English!

Lots of love,
Rahma Fateen


أكل أبيض اللون, مصنوع من اللبن ويصنع منه زبادي, جبنة وغيره كثير. يمكن أن يوضع علي الفطير, على التشيز كيك والفراخ. في ستات فاكرة انو بينعم البشرة وبيحطو على وشهم.

أنما بأة المصريين زودوا من فوائده وحاطو التاتش بتاعهم, بقينا نستعمل "قشطة" على أساس انها كلمة زي "أوكي" مثلا أو حاجة
"تيجي نروح النادي؟"
"اه قشطة أنا مش ورايا حاجة"
زي ما بنكون  بنقول :"اه مربى أنا مش ورايا حاجة"

نفكر مع بعض قشطة دي جت ازاي.
واحد كان جعان لأه واحد بيقولوا تيجي نروح النادي, راح اتلخبط وقاللو قشطة بدل ماشي. عجبت صاحبو راح بدأ يقولها بدل ماشي, والظاهر ان صاحبه ده مشهور ومحبوب والناس بتحب تقلده, فبدأو يقولوها بردو.
لحد ما بقت كلمة علي لسان كل شباب مصر. قشطة. عجبي.

بس اللي منرفزني أوي, ليه قشطة؟ ليه مش شوكولاته مثلا؟ دي حتى طعمها أحلى!!
Rahma Fateen

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Not boring

Look around you, and think. Concentrate on every small thing you can see. People's faces. Every single person since Adam till the newest born child has their own unique, beautiful look. SubhanAllah, I was talking with a friend about it earlier, you can't think of several different ways to design cake for example, it will take you so much time and they wont look so good. Even if you've got the talent, you'll run out of ideas sooner or later and you'll get ideas from what you can see, which has been created.

In boring classes like Biology, for instance, think. Think how every small part of a part of a part of a cell has an important role and isn't there just to fill space! Think how all our body systems depend on each other, and if, for example, your heart just decided not to pump blood, you'd die!
You're about to get hit by a car, your eyes see it, and send to your brain that it is dangerous and your brain sends to your feet to run away and to your vocal cords to scream all in less than a second!
Just look at mosquitoes, though so small and annoying, I think they are one of the greatest creations ever! They're too tiny to be seen but they are so clever. Their bodies are complicated and full of surprises you'll never believe!
Take your time and admire the eyes. Our eyes are very sophisticated obstacle instruments, literally. I really enjoy observing eyes. The way they move whenever you want them to, in any direction. They look so beautiful, and the eyelashes and eyebrows matching your eye-color and your other facial details. Everyone has a different nose shape that looks perfect in their faces. It's really charming!
In Geography, weather isn't just something for a change, it changes for at least one type of plant to survive. Ah, and the way every creature is adapted to live in its own environment and face its problems by itself. The way the sky is held in place. The reasons why we don't live on Jupiter. The way we grow without our control. The way forgetting things turned out to be a blessing in disguise! All of these things weren't just there by chance. Someone is behind this all. And someone Great, Genius, Perfect, cannot be described.

I believe strongly that everything around us was created to make us think. To make us think of Allah. How much He loves us. How many times we make the same mistake and He is the one who is calling us to fix it. How many bad things we do but still He gives us second, third, million chances, all for us! Allah wants our happiness. He wants us to enter heaven. Talking about heaven all alone will need million pages! The way Allah gives us what we ask for, in life willing that we will do good things and turn back to Him, and even if we don't get what we want, it's always the best for us because He decided it. He knows best. He loves us so much but we just don't feel it, we don't think about it. We only think of ourselves, though if we thought about it well, we'd understand that our best would be obeying Allah because our lives are going to end one day, and the way we'll spend our infinite life, depends on our actions. I'm writing this and I know that once I finish, I'll do something wrong whatever it is. But i'm just saying that that we should think all the time. We should remember that there is a God who loves us more than we love ourselves, who cares for us more than we care for ourselves, who is there for us when we're lost and we can't find ourselves. I always feel ashamed of myself that way. That i'm not thanking God enough for all what He gave me, but still Allah doesn't need it, we do. Allah isn't waiting for us to thank Him, He only wants us to be good and to worship Him. That's the only thing He asked for. He's even helping us by sending us Ramadan and all the gifts and thawab. The simplest thing is that a good deed is written as 10 and the bad deed is only written as one after leaving us 6 hours to think whether or not to fix it.
The more I think about it, the more I hate Satan. He wants everything bad to happen to us, he doesn't want us to be happy or to obey God at all. I hate myself too.

See? See how Great and Merciful and Forgiving and all the 99 names much Allah is? It is a really helpful way of changing yourself tbh, thinking. I swear I'm starting to become someone else ever since I started thinking about it. It's the first time I really feel that I have a purpose in life. I really hope I go on this way and improve.

I hope you guys got what I mean. May God guide us all and grant us Jannah, Insha'Allah. Ameen.

Rahma Fateen

Saturday, November 3, 2012


In addition to my previous post, and inspired by The Reckless and The Brave song by All Time Low, I wrote this piece:

Today, every bad thing is good
people's minds made of wood
not knowing what they should
do and what not.

I'm like a fish out of water
with everyone trying to fit in
but I still don't bother,
I look at them and grin
Trying hard till the last breath
like puppets being played with,
they don't think on their own
cheaper than yellow sand,
doing anything to fit in,
anything to fit in.

The world's vicious
the world's mad,
to fit in, they give up,
everything they HAD
not even clad...
cuz they do anything, anything to fit in.

Rahma Fateen

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kate Entry: Life's inordinate ability of blindfolding

Spending most of the time watching people go and come inside and outside her life, and observing the reasons behind it in silence, made her understand a lot about life. She saw the innocent, the pure, the phenomenal and the virtuous become blindfolded by life to change. To become the way PEOPLE want them to be, no the right thing or what they want to become. How easily a prodigious desire of gaining something can change one's morals and traditions. How easily the will to fit in; whether knowing if its good or bad, can change a person from top to bottom!
That's the role of life, I told her. To cover up everyone's eyes by things they think will bring them happiness, to attract them greatly to it,to make them believe that without it, they don't need to live, to make them forget their real role in life. Mainly, to make them only think of their present happiness, not their future, not their second life.

Their second life,the thing everyone forgets about. Besides forgetting that Allah is watching us 24/7, besides forgetting why they were even created!
They're concentrating like never before on what they find joy and amusement in. Not thinking about others, or the fate they'll get in to when they do so. I'll have to tell her first, and everyone else out there, life is playing it and playing it hard, you either wake up and fight for whats right, whether the consequences, with the Prophet PBUH saying.  '' طوبى للغرباءOr, just forget about any hope for the greater happiness once you die.