Monday, January 28, 2013

Nay to selfishness

Sometimes when I'm miserable, staring at the ceiling, thinking deeply of the reasons why I'm so blue, I discover that every single time i'm sad, from different situations, its because of selfishness. Every time I try to please myself the most and expect people to cope with my wishes (and they don't) I don't think of what my wishes my cause them, what are their excuses for refusing  I just think that I'm not loved and that they don't want me happy and eventually make myself miserable. And that, is completely untrue. It's just that everyone looks at the same situation from different views  I might not imagine them all (and here comes their role of explaining) but I must keep their opinions into consideration, because mostly (unfortunately) in the future, I discover that their opinions were (slightly) right.

Anyway, what I want to say, is that we shouldn't live to please ourselves only. We live to get good deeds, and we get good deeds by helping others and pleasing them. So why not save all the sadness and stop thinking of ourselves for sometime, and try to please others? At the end you'll be pleased of pleasing others which makes it all good and fair.
I know our desires are so tempting, but that's the challenge in it.

Rahma Fateen

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kate Entry: Before the mind explodes

Life is unfair, but it's God who decides our life, and God is fair, so why does He do this to us?

Why is it always the good people who suffer the most?
Why are the people who try their hardest to get closer to God are the most people who lose?
Why are the good people not always happy?
Why are the bad people happy the most?
Why do bad people enjoy their lives like its no trouble?
Why do we love the people who hate us and hate the people who love us?
Why do we care for people who don't give a damn about us and ignore those who care for us?
Why do we hate?
Why is there war?
Why do we lose the ones we love?

Is it because God is saving the best for us at the end?
Is it because this life is just a test and we should aim to score high?
Is it because God loves us?
Is it because God wants us to prove to Him that we love and appreciate what He gives us?
Is God letting us pass by these things so we can think this way?

Why does God love us even after all the bad things we do?
Why does God forgive us after we repeat the same sin many times?
Are we that precious?
Shouldn't we love God the same?
How can we show God that we love Him?
I love God.
God gave us a lot and I'm ready to give as much as I can in return.
I want to see God.
The Great God who planned for every single small detail in our lives.
I want to meet Him.
I want to thank Him.
I want to cry begging for His forgiveness and seeking His mercy.

We are nothing compared to Him, yet we forget.
We are such ignorant fools.
I hate us.

Rahma Fateen

Friday, January 11, 2013

لسانك حصانك

من زمااااااان وأنا عايزة أتكلم عن الموضوع دة, وبما ان كل احاسيس الكراهية والضيق والاشمئزاز و الضيق. ايه قلتها؟ اه والاحتقار وكل الأحاسيس الوحشة مركزة في الموضوع دة, فأنا مش عارفة أبدأ بايه ولا ايه.. 

زعلانة عليكي يا مصر.. 

لما تكون بلد مذكورة في القران وأهلها مفيش جملة بتتقال مفيهاش شتيمة يبقى ايه؟ 

ألطم ولا أعيط ولا أروح أنتحر؟ 

يعني مفروض ده دليل على ايه؟ الواحد لما بيشتم بيحس بايه يعني؟راجل و روش و"كوول" يعني مثلا؟! 

أولاً دة مش منظرحضاري بالمرَة, لمَا ولد عنده مش أكترمن 8 سنين بيسبَلي الدين, يبقى مش بيوضح غير العادي اللي بيحصل. أناعايزة أسأل سؤال, انت ليه بتستغرب لما تسمع طفل بيشتم وتقوللو كدة غلط وانت أصلا بتشتم؟ هيكون اتعلم من مين؟ بعدين انت أكتر منه في ايه انك تسمح لنفسك انك تشتم وهو لأ؟ ولا انت شايف انها مش حاجة غلط أصلاً؟ 

أنا فاكرة زمان لمَا كان حد بيقول"غبي" كان بيتهزئ ومش بيسيبوه في حاله, دلوقتي بقولهم متقولوش على حد "كلب" يضحكوا على ان كلب دي أصلا مش شتيمة. هو لازم تبقى عربجي ولسانك مش نظيف علشان تنفع في البلد دي؟ حتى لو كانت هزار, بعد كدة هتتعود ووقت الجد هتكون أوحش ومش هينفع ساعتها الكلام. 

لكننى اظن ان الشتيمة في الخناقات بتوجع أكثر من الضرب في الخناقات. لأنك لو اتعورت في خناقة ضرب, انت مفضوح مفضوح, كل الناس هتشوف التعويرة. انما لو اتشتمت شتيمة جامدة, مش هتفضل طول مانتا ماشي تعرف الناس انك اتشتمت, بس هتفضل فاكرها وهتتأثر من جواك (لو كان عندك دم يعني) 

وبعدين انت ليه تسمح لنفسك انك تتهان وتتشتم؟ اه الشتيمة اهانة!! انت لو مبتشتمش من أصلو, ومعروف ان لسانك نظيف, محدش هيقدر يشتمك ويقول عليك كلمة وحشة. 

"اللي ما ترضاهوش لنفسك ماترضاهوش لغيرك." 

المصيبة الأكبر بأة, موضوع برضو كنت عايزة أتكلم فيه, ان الناس بتقلد من غير ماتفهم. أو على رأي أخويا العزيز, "بتبغبن" (جاية من كلمة بغبغان). 
~سمعت كلمة في فيلم أو في الشارع (وزي ماقولنا ان الشارع المصري, وللأسف, مليان فيه "ألفاظ خبيثة" زي ما والدة صديقتي العزيزة بتقول) في أقرب فرصة, رحت قلتها لأصحابي (علشان أكون أروش واحدة فيهم وكدزة) وبدأت أقولها كثير, بعد كدة اكتشفت انها شتيمة. طب حلو! أديني مثقفة وأب تودايت. وأنا كدة بقيت مصدقة نفسي وبقولها بثقة وأنا متأكدة ان الناس كدة هتحبني. 

ومع ان المفروض العكس, الناس تحتقرني, بس أهو كدة حالنا, أحسن واحد فينا عنده أوسخ لسان, بسم الله الله أكبر علينا. 

(مكنتش عايزة أقول كلمة "أوسخ" بس مفيش كلمة أقدر أوصف بيها غيرها) آسفين! :O 

كلمة للشعب المصري: 

-يا ريت تخلي لسانك نظيف. 

- يا ريت تسأل نفسك الكلام دة هيبسط اللي قدامي ولا هيزعلو. 

-يا ريت تخلَي منظر المصريين قدام العالم منظر يفرح. 

-يا ريت تكون حضاري وتحافظ علي كلامك. 

-يا ريت تفكر في الكلمة قبل ما تقولها. 

-يا ريت مترددش أي حاجة تسمعها. 

-يا ريت نفهم.. 

وبقول الكلام دة لنفسي قبل أي حد 

وطلب أخير, يا ريت تعمل شير :D 

Rahma Fateen

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Assalamu Alikum sweethearts!
Haven't written anything personal lately, though I've been having strong thoughts of using this blog as a mean of expressing my thoughts, and mainly to leave a spot in this world (also cuz my life isn't much interesting)
On the other side, I keep saying that I can make the blog a mix of both, but then again I tell myself that it would be much better if I have a clear intention so it can be beneficial in a way. I also thought of making a YouTube channel, I thought it would be easier for me to talk than write you know, but I haven't set my mind yet.
I wanna know what you think!

Anyways, since I haven't decided yet, I'm gonna tell you about what has been happening in my life recently.
Firstly, I'm close to my mid-year exams. They're next week (and i'm blogging, cheers!) I'm so stressed  it has never been this way before! And tbh, I don't study enough, which is totes not good! All I do, is either write (you can older posts) or sketch (people's faces mainly, or eyes, i'm in love with eyes) or talk to my best friend. Yeah, that sums it all up. I think I began to come to my senses though and started to study, and at least sketching and writing aren't a total wast of time right so

Yeh know what else? I'M READING LES MISERABLES. No, I didn't watch the trailer and I'm not reading it for the movie. Gimmie a break for God's sake! I'm reading it cuz I haven't read anything in a while and I GREW UP! Yeah, grown ups read big books. Les Miserables is a big book. I'm reading Les Miserables, therefore, I'm a grown up! 

Oh, and Happy New Year!
Willing to be a better person in 2013 inshaallah.
You guys know what else i'm doing? I'm doing something called 'The happiness jar' since 1\1\13, anything that makes me happy (like really happy, not normal smiley things) I write them on paper an put them in the jar. On 1\1\14, I'll open this jar and see how happy 2013 was. I hope so! (it's a way of being optimistic).
That's it for now.
I'll write something soon!

I advise you to read this blog, cuz iTS THE BEST IN THE WORLD AND I LOVE THAT GIRL ABRAR. <3 p="p">

Rahma Fateen