Friday, March 14, 2014

من رحمة، إلى رحمة الله

سألخص الكلام في موقف صغير

الأعوام القليلة الماضية، عندما كان يسألني الناس هل اسمي رحمة فقط أم رحمة الله، كنت أقول رحمة فقط، وأختي تقول بل رحمة الله، وأنا أغضب وأصرخ في وجهها، بل رحمة فقط حتى انظري في شهادة ميلادي! وتقول هي ألا تريدين أن يكون في اسمك "الله"؟ أسكت. ثم أخبرها لكن هذا ليس اسمي!

رغم أني فَحَصت شهادة ميلادي عن قريب، إلا أنني الآن أحاول أن أُنسي نفسي وأنا أبحث في شهادات الميلاد بتوتر، أتمسك بالأمل في أنا أجد اسم الله بجانب اسمي، أفتح خاصتي فلا أجده. أحزن وأغلقه، ثم أشكك فيما رأيت. حسناً، اسمي في الشهادة ليس رحمة الله، لكني سأسمي نفسي ذلك.

لم أخبر أي أحد بهذا ولم أغير اسمي على تويتر حتى إلى رحمة الله حتى لا تهزأ بي اختي، لم أردها أن تعرف التغيرات التي حدثت في، ذلك إن لم تلحظ.

لم أرد أن أفصح علناً التغير الذي أحدثه يوم الرابع عشر من أغسطس، اليوم الذي تغيرت فيها حياتي بالكامل. حتى اسمي تغير فيها. رعم الألم الذي اصطحبه ذلك اليوم، إلا أنه جعلني أحب اللهَ بصدق.

حولني من رحمة، إلى رحمة الله... وهذا يكفي.

Rahma Fateen

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The hunger striker.

Today only, I ate beans and bread for breakfast, then went to school and ate chips and a chocolate bar, two hours later I ate fries and cake, then a burger sandwich and cake once more, then bread filled with chocolate. I went back home and ate my dinner, rice, meat, mashed potatoes and salad. As a dessert I had an orange and a chocolate bar. I admit I did eat too much today, but on normal days, I don't eat any much less. That's about me, a teenager from an average family who doesn't have any health problems.
I'm not here to talk about me anyway, I'm here to talk about Mohamed Soltan, a 26-year-old Egyptian American who has been falsely imprisoned in the coup's jails, just because he shouted out his opinion in the street.
Let me talk about his today. Today, he counts 191 days in jail, his 37th day through his hunger strike.
Research say that after two weeks of hunger strikes, symptoms such as extreme hunger, dizziness, exhaustion, inability to stand up and muscle atrophy start to appear. Also, slowed heartbeat, sensation of thirst, constantly feeling cold (no thick covers available in jail), vomiting and difficulty with vision.
Mohamed passed all that, Mohamed is in his 4th week, which brings along more serious problems as vertigo, uncontrollable eye movements and double vision. We believe in him. We know he's strong enough to go through this but his continuation awaits him life-threatening symptoms. There are reports or hearing loss and blindness after six weeks, and if one goes on, there comes the risk of death from heart failure or build up of toxins.
Compare what you eat everyday with whats happening to Mohamed. It's not stupid of him to put himself in all this, it's stupid of the government to jail him with no sensible charges.
His family and friends are trying to do everything possible with the US Embassy, but apparently, his American nationality isn't helping (Read his letter to President Obama)

What you can do is pray pray pray and pray. Sign this petition and spread the word!
Share this everywhere, follow Soltan's news on Facebook and Twitter and tell everyone about it. Imagine your brother in his place.
Use the hashtags #FreeSoltan #Free_Soltan and show support, thats whats keeping him going!

Rahma Fateen