Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dear Daisy

Dear Daisy,

You know when we hear stories of the Sahaba Rudwan Allahi ‘Alihim (may God be blessed with them) loving to do taa’t (submissions) and the prophet (PBUH) telling Sayidna Bilal Radiy Allahu ‘Anhu (may God be blessed with him) “أرحنا بها بلال”about the Salaah, we never imagined their high state of Iman (faith), we’d think it’s impossible to become even half what they are, we’d feel that praying the five prayers only, every single day, was tiring and we’d do it because we have to, or not do it at all. But when we get in the state of admiring the nature around us, God’s creation, when we start cherishing the small beauties around us, the beauty of the clouds in winter, how the birds chirp in melody so sweet, and just meditate, we will start to feel like the Sahaba, like yalla I can’t wait for the call of the next prayer, I can’t wait for sujood in particular, the sitting between the two sajdas is the longest half minute in my life, I can’t wait to become so close to God and talk to Him, whisper all my wishes.

Daisy, I tell you, if the only reward I’d get for listening to Allah’s orders and doing good deeds and trying to stop bad deeds, if the only reward is to see God’s face in the day of Judgment, it would be enough, to me, I assure you. That’s my biggest hope. That’s why God is the most generous, He not only rewards us with the look of His Sacred face, but also infinite blessings in Jannah. I really wish I get to the state of admiration, pray I do, please. And you go on with it till you feel so insignificant besides the universe, till you feel that life is insignificant and that all the lifely desires aren't of any worth in comparison of what is awaiting us in the after life.

God bless you, love.

Rahma Fateen