Rahma. Muslim.

I'm no one important, just a humane, human. Trying to conquer a unique balance of energy distributed on my mind, body and soul.. to radiate a fragrance of myself everywhere, and to leave a mark on people before I go.

I'm a secret dreamer, sincere lover and a very devoted person to what interests me. 

I'm an activist who chases the government and injustice all around the world. I give the voice to the voiceless, power to the weak and inspire the heartless by the love I have for God.


This blog is nothing but random thoughts that fly in the universe of my brain. If you pass by, I'm sorry for troubling you with any of them, and I'm glad if I ever move anything inside you to be a better person and never lose hope of yourself.

I believe every single thread of thought is as important and holy as scientific theories that change the world; in the end theories started by simple threads of thoughts, had they not? Therefore I take quite good care to write them all down in every opportunity possible, sharing what I think would be of use to others on this site.

Feel free to share with me parts of your brain universe on issues I tackle in my posts, they might be the big bang of a new course for someones life.

Also, you can contact me, I'm inevitably available on the internet most of the times.
or on social networks with the same name.

Have a nice day, stranger!