Monday, November 28, 2011

After all this time? Always.

hahha ^ the very famous line from Harry Potter.
Mind that I'm HP obsessed, I'm using this for another reason today. Blogger, actually, I'm very sorry I deserted this blog. I promise, from now on, I'll post like once a week at least. Insha'Allah :D

Lets get to our point. Many things have happened since I last wrote (of course like duhh *rolling eyes*). And summing it all up, would take like FOREVER!
Okay, one important thing that's happening right now, in Egypt. Voting for the Parliament thingy.
I'm not really into politics and stuff, but what made me write about it, is that I discovered that many people don't understand! They don't even know why these stuff are important. I want to tell them one thing, our country is changing, its not like before, when you vote, your vote will be considered, and your voice will be heard. People dream of a better country, but nothing will change if it wasn't us who do it. Like how come? logically, its impossible. You wont wake up one day and find Egypt like any country in Europe or like the States! YOU have to work, you are the one who will change, no one else. Plus something else, don't say that you're young (this can go to me) because you aren't, actually youths now, are the ones who will rise with the country later! Got it? I think not. Nevermind.

I'm not politic and I wont act as if I am. Just wanted to post something after all this time, so let this be short.
I'll let you know everything new that happens.

Rahma Fateen

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