Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just another thought...

I really wish you go to hell,
because my feelings, I can't tell,
People's blood is so easy for you to sell
but get ready, we're starting a rebel.
Its almost your end,
and no one's your friend
we used to do nothing but defend,
you; out of the world, we're going to send.

You should be afraid of us,
take us as a big fuss,
because we are something,
we are the owners of this world,
once and twice you've been told.
Get out of here, 'cause when we get hold,
we wont be treating you easy.

I'm so angry you know,
I'll get you out of here by one blow,
so take your time and see where you'll go,
but take care, I hate it when you're slow.
or look, I've given you a big chance,
we've been dying while seeing you dance,
I can't hold it, no one can
Our souls aren't for free! I wanna burn your tan.
Palestine is ours, get out of our land,
Get out of our territory, keep off our sand.
We've got all the help, and later you'll be needing a hand,
Allah is with us, and He wont leave you stand.

We're making a rebel, get ready, get ready.
We aren't easy, we are very steady
hand in hand, we'll get rid of you forever.
Oh yes we will, for the sake of the mother,
and the people who sacrificed to save this land,
we're gonna continue your work, hand to hand,
we wont give them a chance, to fix things up.
Every soul of ours, will be rewarded Paradise
because we'll stand against you, till the very end.

Palestine is ours,
don't try giving us flowers,
or build the longest towers.
We've got faith, we're getting rid of you,
every single one. Oh yes, that's our goal,
We're getting Palestine back.
and once we're done,
we're gonna pray in the Aqsa together,
and thank God for helping us get rid of you,
this will be very soon,
I am sure of this, it's very soon.
Insha'Allah, very soon. ♥ :')

Rahma Fateen


Sara said...

Did you write this? It's AMAZING :) I LOVE YOU

Rahma Fateen said...

Yepp, I did! :D
Really? Aw, thanks.