Thursday, July 19, 2012

What has been going on lately

As I promised! :D
Lemme start from the beginning of the week, or maybe before

Previous weeks:
They were boring as hell, all I did, was go to my swimming practice, the club, and my grandparents house! The only good thing, is that my bestfriend came from Bahrain and I was kinda spending some time with her. Oh, and I used to read too! (the only fun thing)

I'm reading the Lord Of The Rings series, (of course you heard of it) I read The Hobbit, and the first two. THEY'RE TOO AWESOME I TELL YOU.
And now i'm in the last book, Return Of The Kings, it took me so long, cuz like everyday I'd have headaches, or sleep late and not have time to read and stuff, it sucks :( now I have to catch up with my friend who's in the LAST CHAPTER. Oh God :(

I had practice. The swimming pool stuck! Seriously! They had a championship the day before and I guess they didn't clean the water, like ew. I stayed there one whole hour and I couldn't help it!
After that, I went to the jaccuzi, it was so relaxing :) I went back home after that, ate dinner (its so cool swimming first thing in the morning, then coming back home for dinner) Mom and Dad weren't home, they had this orientation for two days, they came back on Wednesday (only yesterday) I was planning to do lotsa stuff, but THERE WAS NO ELECTRICITYY :(( it sucked! like all day long!! gosh. So, eventually, I did nothing all day long but talk to my friends in the phone to plan about the day after :D

The day after (Tuesday):
We made a surprise early (with only 2 days) birthday party for Soraya We made it early because her birthday was the first day in Ramadan, so like a big no!
Ask me how it went :D
I was soooo nervous all day long! and excitedd!! Thank God she didn't even guess about it at all! She was actually surprised, like once she saw us she screamed!
It was so fun! I hope she liked it cuz we were trying our best to make her happy :)

I think we'll be going to the beach in Ramadan, which will be a new experience, cuz dad just finished this course he was teaching today and he couldn't leave it, AND ACTUALLY I WONT BE ABLE TO WAIT ANY LONGERR!! I really hope we do though.

This Ramadan, i'll try to make it different than all the previous ones, in many ways. Like all the things I was willing to do before but was too lazy or always forgot, i'll try to do them and my biggest goal actually is to LOSE WEIGHT. I'll try to have an one-hour walk everyday. Pray for me!

More soon insha'allah! (thats if i'll be able to log on the computer in ramadan aslun)


Rahma Fateen


Sorayaa :) ♥ said...

You guys made the best day ever, I LOVE YOU. THANKS. ♥♥ :')

Sorayaa :) ♥ said...

Thank you so much, you created the best day for me, it meant too much. ♥
I love you :') ♥