Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hottt-actually boiling hot!

Yesterday was sooo hot
really actually it was boiling hot
I can't hold it, we are in October, supposedly!
so hot that my bed became a swimming pool of sweat!!
I woke up as if I have been in a swimming pool diving in sweat
and the problem is that mum told me not to open the balcony nor the fan, so I was like crazy
until after two hours of trying to sleep I opened the fan!
like after I dived in the sweat for two hours I just remembered to open the fan!
anyway when I woke up I went into a cold shower
wow it was so nourishing
now it is hot too.
I gotta go take a shower!
bye :)


Menna said...

hey :)
i gotta question
what's that weird quote on the right?
that "at my age its ice to be anywhere" thing ??

Purple Tomboy (Rahma) said...

just a kind of quote i liked
it does have sense by the way