Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My neck!

Today I woke up and I found my neck hurting, you know the feeling that you cannot move your head at all or else it will hurt you?!
that was it, at first I could move it and it didn't hurt me that much but it will stay for a long time, so mom but me some kind of.. something that makes the hurt go faster, but you know it didn't go until now it hurts me more and if i move it, it will hurt me more! but I believe it will go faster.I hope so! :D
when anyone knows that my neck hurts they tell me of course you slept on it in a bad way.
but the problem is that Tuesday is supposed to be the funnest day but because of my neck I think it was a bad day. even when I laugh it hurts me, but i tried to enjoy. :)
anyway alhamdulilah it isn't hurting me that much now that I can type what you are reading now.

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