Saturday, January 15, 2011


i'm just trying this out. posting by email
and also because, i am chatting with soraya and she asked me to post on my blog, since i didn't for a long time. cuz of examss, they make me freak! 
our school, and i have to admit, it likes to kill us, making our exams at the end, taking lots of time, although we take only 7 subjects! they leave 9 days between the exams. dunno they want us to last more time at school before we have fun in the mid-year vacation.
anyway, this is a post to make my blog active, cuz i just don't like leaving my blog without posting for a long time.
lobe you. my dear blog. oh, speaking of dear, i said before my dear wallet, i justed wanted to tell you that i bought a new wallet! everyone tells me that its better than the old one, but i really like the old one more :(
never mind, now bye cuz of examzz XD
       Rahma Fateen 

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