Saturday, January 1, 2011

Laugh out LOUD!

I read that some Dermatologist say that smiling/laughing can make wrinkle on your face because when we do that we move/stretching the original pattern of our face without we even realize about this side effect. As it’s the part of science of course we think it’s true,there are advantages and disadvantages behind smiling/laughing.
This has to go to Menna, actually cuz she doesn't don't anything in her life more than laughing. :D
p.s I like laughing too, I have to admit, but not more than Menna.
I wont tell you not to laugh cuz it's very useful in life experiences, I'll tell you how:

The scientific name for science of laughter is Psychoneuroimmunology. The science of laughter is such an important part of our lives that researchers have spent a lot of time studying the effects of laughter. Laughter has been effective in the recovery of illness. Hospitals have even created rooms for humor and put in cable TV with comedy channels. The researchers found that laughter can lower blood pressure, and helps to reduce stress hormones, and gives a charge to the immune system and many other functions of our body. Laughter also releases our bodys natural painkillers and gives us an overall sense of making us feel good. Research shows that laughing fifteen minutes each day could prolong your life. This comes from stimulating the blood flow and helping your heart.

I like laughing so much, and I actually look for people who are able to make me laugh and sit beside them, laughing makes you happy. But I bet bananas can make you more happy, bet?!
LOL, I like bananas :D. ugh. simply I like laughing :)
Laugh out loud! it's useful! he he
I like making researches, I just made two today, I felt bored, and I read Menna's blah-g, which is full of 'hehe's, so I decided to research on this. hehe. oops. nevermind. hehe :D


Menna ♥ said...

hehe. i like this post. hehehehehehe.
hey! i have an idea!
make this magazine-ish (hehe) and send it to me! :D yay you! hehe

LavendarClouds said...

Hehe I like laughing too! I read somewhere that if you frown 1,000 you get a wrinkle! :D hehe I'd rather have smile wrinkles than frown wrinkles! :) hehe

(ps. Nice blog! :)

Purple Tomboy (Rahma) said...

LOL, you guys say 'hehe' way too much
I will Menna, check your Inbox
Thanks Maria, your comment made my blog so bright!
Thank you ♥

The science whiz said...

thts a rly nice research
I rly liked it
I guess thts wt we do all the day at class with Nancy...hehe...thts wt we do...laugh out loud without stopping
and its rly fun
I have 2 admit tht I rly enjoyed reading it tht I had 2 comment on it

Fida Islaih said...

hehe :D I once told a friend I laugh more than I talk. All she said, true!!

Thanks for the research!

Chocolate Cloud said...

hehe, oops, whatever.
oh yeah i do laugh too, but totally not more than i talk!
Welcomee :D

Sorayaa ♥ :) said...

well!!!! i laugh more than all of u guys except for menna! i like laugh when i dream, eat, sit on the laptop, chat, everything!
i can never start a conversation without a smile ! :)
i love laughing!
i dont know i hope i wont stop! :)
hehe. and anyway thnx for advices! :)