Sunday, April 17, 2011

Long time, Long post (Part 2)

I told you, I have so much to say, that I am starting a second part of the same post!
I'll admit, It's my problem, I haven't posted for long.

Anyway, I'm telling you, that something no one understands in me, is that I love Maths. And I am pretty good at it too. The point is that, I always work with that scientific calculator, and I can never work with the calculator without a theme on it! Sometimes I make a hearts theme, where I draw hearts all over the calculator. But I'm talking about it because, the theme I am making now is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  Its all stars, but, I tell you, it really opens my mind to work some equations! Really! I am not joking! Its so amazing, awesome, fantastic, cool, nice, beautiful, and the best in every other possible way! Ok, but I like it, simply :D
My math-art notebook! LOL!
I just really wish I could show it to you, but I can't really show you the whole thing, because the light reflects on it, and it doesn't look nice that way, It will seem oily! EW! :P
But really, believe me, If you saw it, you will think I am artistic, plus also, my math notebook, also has some theme on it. I mean on the cover of the notebook, I wrote my name all over! In different ways! but it really looks nice! That's because I'm a real fan of graffiti so, I think that will do it. some training :D

And some other thing, oh, Big news! I cut my hair! It's short and its awesome! It really makes me feel good. Instead of that long hair that makes me tired combing it everyday, which I sometimes get too lazy to do! But I'll tell you something, it really looks nice on my face, and I'm so proud of my decision to cut it :D

Some other big fat news! I am going to make Umra at the end of this year! I can't wait! I can't believe it! at last I'm going to see the Holy House! I used to see it on TV, and I thought its just a normal building, but whoever goes there, comes and tells me that Its the most beautiful building ever! I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, ....etc. can't wait to go!!!!
It's the first time I've ever wanted my school year to finish for another reason that to stop studying! I don't believe it! ME? MYSELF? RAHMA FATEEN? IS GOING TO MAKKA FOR UMRA? I am going to faint! But I am soooo happy that I can't wait already (I think I've mentioned this too way alot, hehe)

Sorry for being annoying, but I really ca.... oh, here I come again! LOL!

Did I tell you about me learning Adobe Premiere? If no, then here I am... I am learning Adobe Premiere. Adobe Premiere is some program used for making professional videos. This all started when Egypt's Revolution was becoming popular, and people started making videos to explain things going on and stuff. Anyway, so dad was like, why don't you make videos like these too? and it all started. I managed to learn it because I am more into making videos and stuff more than others in my family.
Dad downloaded me some videos to teach me, and downloaded the program. I think its amazing. I just finished the lessons today, and I will start testing what I've learned. But I'm already so proud of myself! And the big thing is that Premiere is so AMAZING!! I'm really really in love with it. and I think my future job will depend on it! (hehe, I am some how excited, so I am really exaggerating) LOL!
And now dad's telling me to start a whole own documentary video for him, but I am kinda scared I might do something wrong and stuff, so I will go along with some test I'm still scared of so I can start the serious ones and nervous!!

We were supposed to take our school picture this week, they told us on Tuesday, and Tuesday came, and we didn't take the picture. they told us, sorry, we will take it on Wednesday, Wednesday came, and we didn't take the picture, they told us, sorry, we will take it on Thursday, Thursday came, we didn't take the picture, they told us sorry, we will take it on Sunday. Sunday came, they didn't say anything, we just didn't take it. I got fed up, because each day, I spend like an hour infront of the mirror to get ready, and then we don't take it. So today, I thought we wont take it either, so I didn't really mind to spend so much time getting ready, and I played in the break and I spilled some 7up and I looked so bad! And you know what? I hate this school, after all this, they told us.... we are taking the picture today! The whole class wasn't prepared so we all were like, OMG! NOO! and we all ran to the bathroom to fix ourselves! and the picture ended up so bad at the end :(
that's our picture. I look too bad to be displayed.

Thats it for now!
I do have alot more to say, but unfortunately, I forget when I am infront of the 'New Post' area! sorry.
Salams for now,
I gotta sleep though.
It's so hot.

Rahma Fateen


ℓαуℓα ツ said...

Mash'Allah, you will complete Umrah! That is soooo beautiful.

May Allah [SWT] reward you for this. Ameen!

BTW, I think your class looks gorgeous in the picture. Mash'Allah! So cute and young! :)

Rahma Fateen said...

yeah Inshaallah! I can't wait!
Thanks! I will never forget you in my duaa'!

haha! really? I think we look bad. and we are young! grade 7! haha