Thursday, April 14, 2011

Long time, Long post

It has been so long since I last posted, not that I am dying studying, I'm actually kinda lazy and I am not studying so much. So I believe I will have to change and start studying well. Exams are on May!

Each post I tell you that it will be the last and stuff, but I have a lot to say, and its hard for me to keep it.

Basketball is my game! and I'm pretty good at it. I like playing basketball, and when I used to practice, I had a dream to become a champion and enter NBA, and stuff like that! I stopped practicing after one month last summer, but I was practicing the summer before, and before and before. And plus also, I used to play basketball daily at school in the break. This year, I stopped playing basketball, but I still like it. Each term at school, they make some kind of championships between classes, girls-basketball, boys-soccer. So, I played in my class's team, because, without arrogance, I am one of the best players in my class.
So, this term, our first match, was against the toughest team in school! and someone stepped on my foot while it was bent, so it hurt me so much, I went to the doctor and stuff, and I decided I am not playing in any other match this term! And I even wore the tight shoes so I will be forced not to play, 'cause if I did, my legs will hurt me, and I wont be able to continue my day.
On the next match, I was really intending not to play. And I really didn't, but I was just watching, and I found the match so hot! It was the best match! I decided to play! with my tight shoes on! It was some challenge to me, but I decided this team wont be able to do anything to me anymore. So, I entered. And guess what? It happened again, I was trying to save the ball from getting outside, so I grabbed the ball fast, and I fell! it was hilarious! Anyway, I continued playing, and this time, I finally caught the ball, and I was heading to the goal, and ........ someone tripped me over, and I FLIED! I didn't see myself, I don't even know how I fell, but my friends say that they found me flying suddenly and laying down on the floor, they thought I died! I didn't really hurt me that time, but I got a serious injury! They gave me a two shots chance, my hand was shaking, but I scored one of them!
I continued playing, but of course we didn't win, because I couldn't run, and another player already had a broken hand from the previous match, so no one was actually playing in our team.
My fall was harder than this one!
At that time, I didn't really feel so hurt, I felt it was normal, but it just hurt me a little. When I went upstairs to my class, I found myself hurt so hard, and I started diving in tears! it hurt me so much! I couldn't hold it anymore. They took me to the doctor, I wasn't able to go, I was going down the stairs and up again like little babies, a step each time. I really felt my knees were broken, but dad didn't want me to go the doctor to check.
But it passed anyway, and alhamdulillah I am a lot more better now, and my knees turned out not to broken after all! Alhamdulillah.

I wont keep talking about injuries and stuff. haha.
Oh, one of my classmates-friend, had her birthday on the third of April, and we decided we will make her a surprise birthday party, she actually discovered but it was so fun!
We had an English class before the break, I went with her and another one to borrow some books from the library, and when we came back .... I didn't really expect they would start the party that time, because there were like 5 minutes before the break started, so when we entered, I got surprised! though I knew, but they made it before its time, and I didn't know! haha. It was so nice, we had so much fun. We ate lots of food, and marshmallows. I loved that day!

Some day, we had a science quiz, you know, not an exam, so its not supposed to be so big and hard and stuff, but guess what? It was 16 pages, from 150 marks! I've never taken an exam from 150, and this is a quiz! supposedly!
But I did well Alhamdulillah. I was surprised and so nervous when I took the paper, I tried to be cool about it, and just concentrate, and Alhamdulillah, I could.

One summer, I decided I will try practicing volleyball, because like all my class played volleyball, so I said, why don't I too. But I practiced in a bad club, and it was so bad, so I hated volleyball. This term, like I play volleyball daily in the break! its so nice! I discovered that I hated it that time because I wasn't taught well, which made me hate it.

I am in IGCSE, so one day, our school had some orientation for new comers to IG, and my teacher chose me and two others to speak about how we feel the difference and why we like it and stuff. I wrote my speech, and it was perfect.
We had to go on Saturday, our weekend. We went there and I was so nervous, that I mixed everything up! and one of the others said staries instead of stories! It was so funny! And while we were waiting for it to start, we played volleyball too much that I was hot!
After the orientation, me and one of my friends went to the club, we were alone, but we had so much fun! We did things we weren't able to do when we are a lot!
We had fun Alhamdulillah!

I have great news! I am learning Premiere. Its a program for making professional videos and movies. Its so nice, I am making some project with dad. And I'm almost done with lessons! I A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I am totally in love with it. ♥

I have lots more to say, but I think this is the longest post I ever posted! I think this is enough for today, and wait for part 2 later! ;)

oh, and hey! my birthday is only 16 days to go! I can't wait!!
I am going to make a facebook account at last! YAY!!

Rahma Fateen


The Black Jubah said...

Assalamualikum Chocolate girl aka Hijabi girl...I love chocolate too...but its doing bad things to my waist and ????. My sons (twins) plays basketball too...for school...

Rahma Fateen said...

Yeah, I know, and I am trying to decrease 'cause I think I will be overweighted soon :(

Yeah, and It's great isn't it?! ;)

ℓαуℓα ツ said...

Oooh ... basketball! LOL, I love basketball. :) My favorite sports are actually cricket, badminton, and tennis. But, I still love basketball and soccer, too. :D I'm super glad that you weren't hurt!

When I was little, I used to have surprise parties all the time. :) I hope you enjoyed it!

About science .... *Groan* I hate science. It's my WORST subject. It's great to hear that you did well, Little Sister. :) I never do well in science. :P Maybe you could be my tutor, LOL!

I do not know what an IGCSE means. LOL, I live in the U.S., maybe that's why.


Nice to see that you have posted, Sister! And don't worry .... I didn't forget your birthday. :)

Rahma Fateen said...

Haha, I never played cricket, I don't even know how its played!
I'm glad too! actually the skin on my knees were cut and I had some weird scratch on my waist, dunno how!

We did yeah! Alhamdulillah! My classmates are so sweet, they make surprise parties for everyone!

I don't like science either! I just did well 'cause we are in Pre IG and our syllabus is way easy.
Thanks! haha, I hope I can help! LOL! :D

IGCSE, is some British system, its International, so you may have heard about it.

oh, yeah! thanks, I'm glad I did too, 'cause I like to be updated always! Thanks! I can't wait!

mona said...

Oh you do IGCSE i just finished doing the GCSE because i live in england so its not internation i lovvvvvvve science

Rahma Fateen said...

I'm not really sure, I'm still in grade 7, and I'm going to grade 8 checkpoint. I don't really know what exactly! haha

oh really? haha I used to like it before, but now, I don't like it :P