Monday, May 16, 2011

In the memory of English essays

Since its almost the end of the year, and while I was going through my
English notebook, I found some essays, I'd really love to share, not that they are perfect and I wanna show off or something, I just wrote about some experiences, and instead of re-writing them, I though of copying it here :D
            It was a fine day at school, laughing, joking, having
lots of fun, until the last two periods.
            You know when you are in the mood of having a practical joke on your teacher??! It all started that way. I  was so happy that I thought of it. I hid under the desk and my friends told the teacher that I was absent, but others couldn't help it and started laughing, so I went out of my hiding place and hugged the teacher, she laughed
too, it ended peacefully. We had prayer and the period after was Arabic, we loved the teacher so much and we thought she would love this joke too. There, it happened, but once I decided to get out, I
found the headmistress of Arabic entered the class! I cant tell you
how much I was afraid, I even started shacking, I was so terrified, I
wanted that man to get outside the class that second. It was
impossible. That lesson we had dictation so I used to write under the
desk and give it to my friend who was sitting on the desk to give it
to the teacher. When she stood up, the jackets we put on the desk to
hide me, fell! I was terriefied. I tell, if that man just looked on
his right, he would see me! After the man left, I decided the teacher
would shout, so I decided I'm not getting out till the end of the day,
and it was close already. But thanks alot to my classmates, they all
started laughing and they told the teacher, she was so angry at me, I
apologized and she told me that if that man saw me I would have been
suspended. I thanked God so much. The teacher was sad, she didnt talk
to me till the end of the week.
                 I have learned my lesson and I will never forget
this experience all my life.

Here's the 2nd:
                'Rahma! You woke me up, and there is nothing!' Dad
shouted-A-yawny-shout. 'No, dad, believe me, there is!' I replied. 'No
my dear, its just a dream' Dad said heading to his room to continue
                All this happened when I dreamt, the weirdest dream,
funniest and silliest dream ever. It was in my room, the old one, when
I used to share my room with my sister, which simply means, there were
two beds. In my dream, I felt that it was real, and I felt that my
eyes were wide open, and that I'm seeing it in real! My sister's bed,
with the pink beadsheet,was a black figure infront of me, and under
the bad, not a monstor, but beetles! Millions of mountains of beetles!
I was so scared, I put my legs on the bed and I crawled. And the funny
thing in the dream, is that under MY bed there was a cockroach, and it
was leaning on my bed's leg! And it was wearing sunglasses and it was
bending its leg on the other! It was scary that time, but whenever I
remember it, it gives my the giggles! I kept calling dad, I felt that
my voice was low, but dad heard me from the other end of the house!
                 I am not really scared of inscts, but the mountains
of beetles gave me the creeps, and my blood ran cold! I'll never
forget it because its so funny and silly!!

So thats it :D

Rahma Fateen


ℓαуℓα ツ said...

Oooh!!! You're so responsible. You kept all your English essays? LOL, I throw mine away.

BTW, your essays are just great! Your writing style is so cute, Mash'Allah. :)

The 2nd essay was soo creepy, LOL! Beetles, ugh! That must have been scary! My skin is itching just thinking about it, LOL! :D

Aya Ghobashy said...

Really Thank God it ended peacefully :)) u gotta think next time before u do sth like that =)

and about the dream i agree with your father :D

Rahma Fateen said...

@Layla: Yeah!! I do! I like laughing at my old writings when I start to improve while I grow.
Really? Thanks! :D
Yeah... and what do you think it was like in the dream?! It was creepyyy.

@Aya: oh yeah, Alhamdulillah.
LOL! of course! ♥ ♥