Saturday, June 4, 2011

Freedom :D

Since the Egyptian revolution, I really like this word :D

but in this case, I mean freedom from SCHOOL! and studying :D
actually, to speak truth, this year was sooooooo fun, and we actually didn't study alot, even the week right before exams, I can tell you, that I was online all day long, I only studied like an hour or something (that explains why my teachers aren't really proud of my marks) teehee

And at last, we finished school yesterday, and we went together to the club. Let me not mention the fights we had this term, but other than that, we had sooo much fun, alhamdulillah :D
It was so hilarious! We were laughing all day long, and when I came back home, I was like broken, I was soo tired, and I woke up late!

The week before, we had a HUGE water fight. I was AH-MAZING!! Our friends in the other section, (in the same school, we have two sections, Azhar and IG) were finishing school, and we had nothing to do (as always) teehee. so, we had a whole fun day with them! It was actually so fun!

The best thing happened these days, is that my Dad got me some book on the kindle, which is really awesome. (I was reading it in the days of my final exams, as I told you, we don't really study :P ) The book is called, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, by Sean Covey. I guess you heard about his fathers book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, its a best selling, and I guess this one should be too, 'cause its just amazing and very very very very very very very very very very useful!

Bad news: We were buying clothes on Friday, and I got some cute dress. We went to another shop (I just went to that shop from a while, so it wasn't updated for me) and my BIG sister tried this ah-mazing tunic I wanted to buy when I last went but couldn't 'cause simply i'm so fat, and guess what? It was her size! I was about to cry! gosh. Its so unfair.
So now, I decided that I am dead serious about going to gym this summer, and insha'Allah I'll try not to miss one time.

I have alot to say, but now I am sooooo tired, I think I'll sleep on the computer! I dunno, every person in this house is sick, and I think I'll be sick too soon! :(
So, post you later!
P.S sorry soraya :( I am tired :|

Rahma Fateen


Sorayaa :) ♥ said...

Ohh Nice post! fights um yeah! Hope they will never happen isa!
And Its ok...maybe another day u will have time to have post a LONG post!
ILY! :) I think i own this post right? :P

Fida I said...

I've read '7 habits of highly effective teens' and more than once. Each time I open it, I keep learning ways to help myself and others.

Enjoy your summer (:

Rahma Fateen said...

Isa Soraya :D
yeah you do :D

And it was great right Fida? Dad told me to read a hundred times when he bought it, its very useful.
Thanks! I will :D ♥

Anonymous said...

OMG (: you are a masriyyahh?? Cool wallahi! Alf Mabrook (; I like the word freedom now too! And ur blog also (:

I'm only Part Masri but I <3 my dad's country (:

Rahma Fateen said...

yupp, I'm masriyyahh and proud :D
Thank you!

Oh really? Great. Your dad's country is Egypt or what?