Monday, July 18, 2011

Sorry :(

I'm so sorry. utterly sorry. very sorry. extremely sorry.
I can't believe facebook is so taking me away. plus that i'm sooooo busy these days that I barely have time to check facebook!
and i'm sooooo out of posting my second part of Omra diaries. or. my best friend Soraya requested posting it for me. :) I'd really appreciate that :D
aaaand. because I made my tumblr blog = and I think it so beats blogger and twitter. super cool. so I'm kinda on it (WHEN I HAVE TIME). and that Google + soo sucks. Dad sent me an invite and it told me that i'm not allowed 'cause of my age. what the heck? wasn't facebook enough? I had to wait 3 whole years until I made facebook. and now also Google +?? and what makes me more mad is that dad says that it beats facebook and twitter. I soo wanna have one.  :(  but i'm sure that i wont have to wait so much 'cause gmail allows 2011! and dad says that they are just testing, that's a reason why it only works with invites. Nevermind that, I don't have one, so nothing interesting :P

don't ask me about my summer. busy Alhamdulillah. got too much stuff to do. as I said I barely log on facebook!
I started going to the gym at last! the very first time I went, when I came out, I felt so fit! a feeling that barely happens! I used to go alot when I first entered. but now, as I said i'm so busy.
so, my best friend Sara came from Bahrain. so like I meet them a lot. like, I'm always with them. anyway, so yesterday I slept over at my best friend's house Mariam (Sara is Mariam's cousin) so she was there too. and it was sooo cool.
We watched Harry Potter. (I started a new paragraph 'cause its a long story, ha?)  we watched part 3, we wanted to watch another one but there was a mistake. anyway, so I so hate 3 you know, its story is complicated, and I never understood it. I watched it once and never wanted to watch it again. but there was this mistake so we just ended up watching 3. so, we were watching and Sara used to pause every 10 minutes to explain. her brother read all the books (hes an encyclopedia in fantasy) so he explained it to her. (she was so proud that she knows something we don't :P) so she started explaining. and i so appreciate that from her :) she explained every single hideous thing in the movie and i ended up loving part 3! omgg! after i understood, I became obsessed with Harry Potter, I watched all the movies, (except 6 (i read 6) and 7 part 2 (i'm gonna watch it soon Insha'Allah) ) I became so obsessed that I'm willing to make a marathon and watch all 7 parts in one day. (nearly impossible, some dreams :)) so, we slept dreaming of HP and wishing to do that some day.
well, let me not say we slept. LOL. only like 6 hours sleeping, but it was cool anyway.
so, i'm so obsessed with HP and Ron Weasely's face expressions ♥

Cute ♥
That's all :)
oh, did I mention that I hadn't been shopping since the summer started? like oh.em.gee!
my best friend Soraya's birthday is on Wednesday, next Wednesday. I wish I do. I miss her alot ♥
anyway, what nuts? whats so interesting to you that I'm gonna meet my best friend ha? sorry for the boring speech.
When i went to Omra, my family went to North Coast, so this summer I didn't go to the beach :( so next Friday, I'm going with my grandma and grandpa to North Coast (too. hehe) and then, when I come back, we will be hunting with mom for Eid clothes. (realize I said hunting,  yeah I did. nowadays in Egypt, its so hard to find good clothes for hijabis. so, yeah we will be hunting.. :S wish us luck.

Ohhh, I almost forgot the most important thing. My best blogger sister Layla will be finishing exams at the end of this month! I so wish she'll do well in her exams. ♥ kisses and hugs to her xx

I just have nothing to say. but that I'm so obsessed with HP. and that I wish I can make that marathon ♥
so :) thats it for now. when I meet my friend Insha'Allah, Part 2 will be out :D I love that girl you know ♥
Rahma Fateen


Sorayaa :) ♥ said...

Oh Rahma, if you come to my house i can give you the VCDs of Harry Potter. From part one till 5! :D Hey its not hard, i watched them once in one day!
It took about 7 hours! Lol! I slept after watching them. :)
Anyway Thanks i miss you more. and anyway, i can't believe i'm gonna be 13!
Facebook, i think i don't really like it anymore.
I have a tumblr account too. It's :D
it's hideous!
harry potter 3 is awesome .. Prisoner of Azkaban! eh? I love it. and it's not as complicated as you think. only at the end when they go back in time and stuff. lol :D
Harry Potter's cool. and i'm so sad that there aren't gonna be any new parts!! 7's the last!
You watched part 1 from 7?! Oh lucky. i didn't!! i wanna watch it. :D ♥
Love you!

ZeilaShayla said...

I really like ur blog it's cute :))) and a fellow potterhead hmmmm :) I love the last picture and happy belated birthday to your friend hope she enjoys/ed it :) and the rest of her year!

Rahma Fateen said...

@Sorayaa :) ♥ : Thanks Soraya, but I do have them all! Yeah I know, but mom will tell me to do something else you know. LOL.
yeah I did. oh :( okay, isa you will :D

@ZeilaShayla: Thanks! you're cuter :) haha. yeah Its nice right? Aww, thank you! wish the same for you! xx