Saturday, July 30, 2011

A week before Ramadan..

So, I wasn't home last week, I was *yippe yahoo*at the North Coast. I was so excited to go at first 'cause you know, I haven't been to the beach this summer. My lovely family went when I was in Omra. so I was pretty excited to go.
I never spent a whole week at the beach before. and I never knew i'll get bored. But thats what happened, I was the only girl, so the last 4 days, I got kinda bored and thank God my uncle had an Internet USB, and my grandma had a laptop. that way, whenever I get bored, I just log on the internet.
I'm glad I got a camera with me, even if its not the good one, but at least I was able to take pretty cool pictures.

And thank God too, that we had some board games, like battle ship and Scrabble. Oh, battleship, I'm so in love with it. We had the Arabic version of Scrabble its not so bad, but kinda hard.

And on Wednesday, we visited some relatives, oh and we ate some huge meal. I ate Shrimps :D yummy yummy. I looooove shrimps, so I ate ah-lot.

my favorite snack I used to eat there :D

 And oh! I finished ready Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and I feel kinda bad, when I made fun of people who cried at the end, 'cause I swear I was about to cry too! I even started reading it again the very next day! I became so obsessed with that Harry Potter you know. Even my tumblr., dad says its a Harry Potter fan page not a blog! and I admit, its almost like that! :P

That's it, and Ramadan is after tomorrow Insha'Allah. I just finished decorating the house, I'm planning to finish reading the Qura'n three times this year Insha'Allah, and stop eating too much food though our whole family is starting a healthy diet after Ramadan, but I think I'll start alone in Ramadan. I wanna get thinnn, yeah! I made a deal with myself that I'm not entering Grade 8 without losing like 7 kilos or something!
And its a deal!

Ramadan Kareem!
Salam :)
Rahma Fateen


InternationallyBeautiful said...

I hope you enjoy ur Ramadan! && Oh my gosh I went to Port Said this summer :)) and haven't been @ the beach for a week either- ur right it gets really boring :(( but Insha2allah hope ur ramadan goes well :D Arabic scrabble? I'm barely good @ the english one but I want a arabic on anyway- where'd u get it?
Kol sana w enty Tayeba

Yours Truly said...

lovely post!
sorry you didn't have fun at the beach. I would have loved to be there to give you company. I haven't been to a beach in 7 years :O!

Ramadan Mubarak to you :) x

Sorayaa :) ♥ said...

Cool. :D
Uh, did you lose weight? I did. a bit. but i don't do any diet or something. i eat when i'm hungry and that's it. :D
You need to check my blog out when i post! (:

Rahma Fateen said...

@InternationallyBeautiful: Aww, thanks!
yeah, thanks, I hope yours goes well too! Yeah you know, but its kinda hard, 'cause Arabic is a huge language as teachers tell us in Arabic classes LOL.
I didn't get it, it was my cousins, sorry :( I'll ask them for you.
Kol sana wenty tayba too! :D

@Yours Truly: Why, thank you!
Oh, I wish you were there too! LOL. Insha'Allah you will get to go soon :D xx

@Sorayaa :) ♥ :Thanks :D yeah I did! plus also because I go to the gym as you know, so, good ha?! :D
I do! always! ♥ IMY