Monday, June 4, 2012

Mood swings are dangerous.

Yesterday was our last day at school. Like finally. Our school loves us so much dunno whats wrong with their lives omg.
I haven't planned yet what I'll do in the summer, but at the moment, I wont be really doing what I wish to do because my parents are so busy to take me everywhere I want. I'll have to stick to little outings and home activities, or I shall find someone else to take me where ever.
Insha'Allah after the period of busy-ness my parents are in, I am willing to go to the gym EVERDAY. yes, this summer really really I have to stick to that, 'cause last year I kept saying so and I didn't even go except like three times a month, like whaaat? xD
I'm also planning to go swimming often, because swimming is the best way to lose weight fast and I haven't really learned swimming well, so yeah.
I want this summer to be productive as much as I can, I don't want it to be boring, 'cause next year I'll be in grade 9 and studying and stuff, so I have to have the most fun possible.
Oh, did I not tell you that I cannot really believe that I wont be going to school anymore? Like three or even four whole months without going to school, its kinda weird thing. It's not that I love school and stuff, but it was kinda fun. My crazy class, my lovely friends and my know-it-all teachers, it's something i'll really miss!

About the title, I hate to accept the fact that its true. It's something really bad in me, my bad moods are really dangerous. I can be fun and happy then suddenly, someone does something annoying that isn't even worth getting mad, and I get mad and ruin my day and everyone else's mood. I hate it, and I need to change that, but I can't! I did it several times and it was the reason of my many fights with my friends. I feel childish when I do so, but I can't even control it. Sometimes I feel that I get crazy in some times when I do so, but I dunnoo its not nice.
And as my title says, mood swings ARE dangerous!

Rahma Fateen

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