Thursday, May 31, 2012

Because I haven't been on this for ages.

First of all what do you think of my new design?
My lovely sister made it for me. ♥ :)

So, my last post was before my checkpoint exams which was like nearly a month ago. wow! time passes so fast! And i'm really sorry for not updating you earlier. I did pretty well Alhamdulillah.
Here is some news: our amazing *sarcasm* school decided to examine us again in all the subjects. I actually don't know the reason, but they tell us it's something beneficial for us, which is probably not true.
So anyways, I decided either way i'm not gonna open any books again and stuff, and I just came from our third exam. I have only one more left, and I'm doing good, I mean I didn't really forget everything haha! So that's good. :D

Lately, nothing really is happening. Only that its almost summer and I still haven't planned anything and i'm afraid this summer may be boring. I don't want that. I have to plan what I'm gonna do. You can help me?

At the time being, I'm trying to please myself and my parents as much as I can. I've also been writing songs\poems which can really change my mood and make me feel more relaxed, so I think I'll stick to that. Fake friends are everywhere and I don't always have someone to talk to, so that may be a solution.

I'll try to update you regularly, but the problem is that twitter and tumblr are so taking my time. I'll change this, I promise, insha'Allah.

Love you all!
Salams. x
Rahma Fateen

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