Thursday, November 1, 2012

Kate Entry: Life's inordinate ability of blindfolding

Spending most of the time watching people go and come inside and outside her life, and observing the reasons behind it in silence, made her understand a lot about life. She saw the innocent, the pure, the phenomenal and the virtuous become blindfolded by life to change. To become the way PEOPLE want them to be, no the right thing or what they want to become. How easily a prodigious desire of gaining something can change one's morals and traditions. How easily the will to fit in; whether knowing if its good or bad, can change a person from top to bottom!
That's the role of life, I told her. To cover up everyone's eyes by things they think will bring them happiness, to attract them greatly to it,to make them believe that without it, they don't need to live, to make them forget their real role in life. Mainly, to make them only think of their present happiness, not their future, not their second life.

Their second life,the thing everyone forgets about. Besides forgetting that Allah is watching us 24/7, besides forgetting why they were even created!
They're concentrating like never before on what they find joy and amusement in. Not thinking about others, or the fate they'll get in to when they do so. I'll have to tell her first, and everyone else out there, life is playing it and playing it hard, you either wake up and fight for whats right, whether the consequences, with the Prophet PBUH saying.  '' طوبى للغرباءOr, just forget about any hope for the greater happiness once you die.


University Life For Muslim Girls said...

Love your blog Rahma Masha'Allah

Rahma Fateen said...

Thank you so much! This means so much to me :)