Thursday, December 9, 2010

my dear wallet :(

as you see, I went to the club today and I forgot to get a purse, so I was walking holding my wallet alone without anything.
so i got bored of holding it, so I gave it to Menna to put it with her in her purse.
and it all ended peacefully
when we rode the car and we were just getting out of the gate, i told Menna to give me my wallet, and .....
she didn't find it, we went out of the car running and looking all over the club and the weather was cold, i tell you, my cheeks were ice!
i kept looking for the wallet for an hour and .... I didn't find it :(
I am so sad, I miss it :(
but anyway Menna, will give me the money and i still don't know if i will buy another mp3 or not and the mirror was broken, i mean there was no mirror, i only saved the frame! hehe. it looked nice. i'm not insane
so again i am telling you my dear blog that i am writing to say bye to my dear wallet
bye bye wallet!
p.s the wallet was purple, that's why i liked it, basically :)

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