Friday, December 31, 2010

in the mood of posting :)

Really, I am, I am in the mood of posting
It was long since I last posted, so i just want to say hi after a long separation
First of all, Happy New Year!
I am intending to do lots of things this year,
but I still hate makeup :)
I want to put some kind of cream on my  face cuz its full of zits and stuff, and it doesn't look nice :(
I really really want to do well at school this year, no laziness!
and I want to memorize more Qura'n
I want to be good with my siblings (okay, that's a hard one)
and lots of other things
oh, and by the way, I would like to thank Amina for her post in
it inspired me so much.
I like Menna's blah-g and Lavender Clouds, Equal But Distinct, Twisted Thoughts........etc
6 october city is going to be brutally crowded, cuz you know, they built Mall of  Arabia over there, it's enourmous! it's so huge, and it is the to our house, it'going to be so cool, even cooler than City Stars
It has all kinds of shops you can think of, it's so awesome! :)
I am so happy, this year I will make facebook account!!
YAY!! :D
only 120 days to go!
4 months!
quarter of a year!
YAHOOO! I've been waiting for ages!
I ought to improve my english to write better things in blog than the things I write, mom says that :)
Bye, and Happy New Year,
Rahma Fateen


Purple Tomboy (Rahma) said...

I like it adding colors in the post, right?
what do you think?

The science whiz said...

its nice