Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nice week :)

I think this is the best week ever, really it was full of events
Sunday was off,
Monday we had PE lesson and I played basketball so hard that i think i lost so much weight!
thats good anyway
Tuesday, three schools came to ours, Delta, Zahret Elmadaen, and Beverly hills, we had the basketball tournament.
And guess what? Delta's are professionals, we lost them of course the rest were a piece of cake. We were in the third place although we were supposed to be the second but because we played against the hardest at first so we were out of the first and second from the beginning. It was a nice day, it was  like a sports day, I liked it
um.. Wednesday, we took our Quran lesson downstairs and we watched Pride and Prejudice (the movie)
It was AWESOME, I can't say more but that it was the best movie I watched since I was born! (of course thats exgagorating) it was just so nice, although i read the story three times and i never felt that it is so nice, I don't know it just made me live in the movie, i liked it so much, dunno why?!
Thursday was so nice too, I liked its break so much, i mean i enjoyed.
Thats it, the best week in the year (till now)
P.S it was also the best week cuz i had gr8 X100000000000000 news
i am going to make 3omra next year inshAllah and I am soooo happy :D

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The science whiz said...

thts gud
i dont know if its the best or no
well...mmm...i guess its "yes"
but i hope the next week is gonna b better!?
see ya at skool