Thursday, March 3, 2011

You will live a dream :D

This is another poem I wrote, I think this is the best one I wrote till now.
I hope you like it and I would really appreciate you telling me your feedbacks of this.

   Tears falling just like rain
   but no fear, I'm not insane

   of sadness or of joy;
   like a child getting a toy.

   As cold as breeze
  and tastes salty just like cheese

  but ...... 'don't let the sadness of the past and the fear of the future effect on the happiness of the present'

  So cheer up little friend,
  it's still a long way till the end

  look at the bright side of the world
  and don't blame who's trying to make you the best;
  even if they made fun of you,
  it may be their way.

  All in all, the key to happiness
  is to smile :)
                         'smile to life and it will smile back to you'

 Be optimistic
 and you will live your dream
                         'if life gave you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile'


This poem, I wrote after thinking of the problems of mine, and after some of my friends talked to me and kept telling me that there life is so bad and full of problems.
The poem isn't really perfect, but I liked adding quotes in the poem :D

Hope you like it.

Rahma Fateen


The science whiz said...

i totally like it
i`m gonna copy it in my binder 4 sure insha`Allah
its 1 of the poems i`ve ever read!!!
like the quotes cuz they have an important role in the poem`s meaning :)
wuv it but u more <3
thnx 4 this poem
and congrats 4 finding ur new hobby :)

Rahma Fateen said...

wow! great you like it!
really? awwww. thanks
yeah, I felt that too. hehe
I wove you tooo. ♥
thanks ;D

Sorayaa :) ♥ said...

omg this is my story! thanks for the advices! :) Love you! ♥

Rahma Fateen said...

hehe. yeah, I thought of you, and the conversation between us, and I thought of telling you but in another way. ;D
welcome forever.
love you more ♥

Aya Ghobashy said...

masha2allah it's really perfect :)
and its a good idea to put some quotes in it :)
and it should really be published !
i LOVED it :)
masha2allah :*
and as i said before isa u'll be a great poetess when grow or even from now !!

TheSisterWhoSmiles said...

Aww I love this! It's absolutely gorgeous!! (:

Rahma Fateen said...

@Aya: really?! thanks.
yeah, I felt it will wrap the meaning.oh, I'll try to publish it in some magazine or so. thanks for the advice!
isa. but I'm not really hoping to be a poetess, I can just write some from now and then, not an official poetess. hehe.

@TheSisterWhoSmiles: thanks, I'm glad you did ♥

Furree Katt said...

aww, cute poem!
i like your blog. it's so purple and adorable. and you're really pretty!

Rahma Fateen said...

aww-er, thanks. LOL
thanks, oh, you are prettier. ♥

Fida Islaih said...

it's beautiful =) I have more to say, but everyone took it. Well... I was able to relate to the poem. Great job!

Rahma Fateen said...

aww, thanks.
no problem, thanks.
thank you Fida.