Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hidden Hobby

I never ever discovered it, and actually, I though it was only for girly girls, so I never wanted to know that I liked it.
I used to do it normally, like, its something important and everyone does it, and never notice that its actually a HOBBY!
Ask me what?
Ask me why I never noticed it?
A: Because, I was young and I never had much money, and if I did, I would spend it on CANDY! which I still do till now :D
Plus also, because I didn't really have time to shop! hehe. I like this one :D not that I am a business woman and so, no I mean 'cause I used to say, I don't want anything, if I do, I will tell my mom to get it for me, thats it :D
and even now, I don't really have something specific I wanna buy and I am saving money for. I just buy something if I have money, If I don't, it's outa my mind, till I have its deal.
Ask me how I discovered this hobby?
A: From doing it alot and LOVING IT!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ .
when I went to dandy mall with Mariam, I spent too much, mom was mad at me. :D
and now, I like to walk around malls, even without buying anything :D
I just like it.

So that's my story for today, but I think its hard for men how don't like women who spend too much, to find a wife, 'cause most women like shopping (my mom's out of that) I think that will be the same case with me after all :)
I'm glad I found a hidden hobby, I haven't discovered except on 02032011. I will make it an anniversary. :P

Rahma Fateen


Sorayaa :) ♥ said...

Awesome! didn't know you hated shopping! ;)
love the post! ♥

Rahma Fateen said...

Hey! don't you know me?
never mind.
thanks :D

Aya Ghobashy said...

yeah! its a very nice post actually ,
and i didn't know it is a hobby , so since i knew then its my hobby too , but badly my mom is the opposite of me she don't really like shopping !
and she looks at me a weird look when we go home after shopping and i am very happy
even if i didn't buy anything and she tells me "what if you BUY sth , what would u look like !"

WOW!!, its the longest comment i've EVER written
i think that's enough , bye :)

Zara A said...

Aww, nice post! I'm definately a shop-o-holic, hahahaha. I'm very girly, but my style is quite chic and sophisticated.

Sara said...

hahah I rly like thsi post lol!
nice title too "hidden hobby" ;)
I like shopping thou I hate trying on stuff and keep taking off my clothe and changing and all this stuff just kills me!
heheh :P

Rahma Fateen said...

hehe. yeah, thanks
yeah, hehe.

Sara said...

wow thats alot of "hehe" "yeah" "thanx" "hehe" "yeah!!? hahah lol

Rahma Fateen said...

sorry, I have nothing else to say. lol :D