Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Part 2: In those green eyes

Do people actually think about what they say before they do? And if not, do they at least think about it afterwards?
I believe that words can be the most powerful way to express ones feelings. It's either chosen carefully or it can change other people's feelings as well. It can be written or spoken. It can bring a smile or a tear. It can break a heart or fill it.

When I speak to Kate, it's like she's the other voice in my head that tells me to do something or not to. She's like my private adviser that knows whats going through my head without me having to choose the words to describe it; the way I have to do with everyone else. Sometimes I don't even have to open my mouth, I just imagine her beside me in a silent conversation. (also not to make people think that I talk to myself in public) I can perfectly see her through my big green eyes (one that was bruised got smaller than the other).

In those green eyes, I could see the perfect girl I've been always looking for. I could see her smiling at me for confidence whenever I'm nervous or insecure. I could see her glaring at me whenever I'm about to do something wrong, and if I still do it, I could hear her whispering to me to stop it. I could see her in disguise of everything I need at any moment. I could feel her soft skin close to mine whenever I need someone beside me. Her life parallels mine. Literally. Kate made me mature in ways that really changed my life.

In those green eyes, I could see that not everyone could be trusted (which was one main reason why I imagine Kate). I could see that not everything that looked good from outside, was good from the inside. I could see that judging was bad, insulting was bad and telling rumors about people that weren't even true was bad.
I understood many things from Kate and I really wish I keep imagining her till its said that Rahma is the grandma that talks to herself all day long. Kate represents me, my family, my friends and even strangers.

To everyone who took this personaly, imagination is something everyone has the right to do. I did not point out someone in specific, I was speaking in general. BUT, if the shoe fits you, feel free to wear it. :)

Lots of love,
Rahma Fateen

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