Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Maybe it's all a joke. Ft. Soraya Rady

Now that I don't care
there's nothing I could hold

I've always wished for it
and now it's here
it's breaking me up
there's nothing I could feel

What I kept for all those years
is making me not care
they kept me alone and in tears
I forgot how they taste
the fake smiles on my face
now that my wish came true
I don't know what to do..

Can't get it out my heart
it's haunting me.. breaking me apart
possessed by the ghost within
I'm blank, I think I'm a sin
I'm a mistake to the world
and I shouldn't be here...
why does everything turn this way..
why is everything so black?

They're saying I should be happy
I just can't
not even sad, I can't cry
I owe this world nothing, but
I don't wanna die...

Although it's getting harder..
but there are people for me
they love me for myself..
what if it's a pretend...
what if it's not real

I can't appreciate it
but I'm faking it the hard way
after all this I want to say
I feel so cold and untrue

you smile and say it's alright..
but I don't feel okay...
falling from the high heights..
there's nothing I could say anymore...
maybe it's all a joke

--20/5 --On the bus, on our way to Biology exam.
Soraya Rady, Rahma Fateen

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