Friday, June 14, 2013


"Everything has an end." I thought while playing through my newly cut hair. Only that the end of my hair was so short it made me dive through deeper thoughts about death. Also, I just finished reading a book that cannot be described by words and I have oceans of troubled feelings that doesn't have enough space to be poured out.

Believing deeply that everything exists with wisdom behind it, I find myself quite confused on why things exist if they will end one day, and forever is an incorrect concept. Sometimes I like to think that the world is actually only Adam and Eve and everyone is just an extension of a person before them. We don't do things for ourselves, we only continue what people before us were doing. We are all just side effects of an evolutionary process that cares little for individual lives.
I think that we exist for the universe and the universe doesn't owe us anything. But we all get it wrong. People are just working for themselves, torturing the universe which wants to be noticed and cared for. What I think is that life is just about who will mark deeper in the ground to be remembered, and by that I mean leaving a scar in the universe, because that's what pleases humans.

As it pleases humans, not being remembered is their utmost fear. Some people will die and no one will remember them, and that is just a waste of a soul. Memories bring pain and because pain demands to be felt, it forms a scar. Everyone who dies creates a scar in the heart of whoever remembers them. To make your thread of personhood grand, you got to leave a deep scar in the universe, that will make up on you noticing it, by making everyone else remember you.

*Special thanks to the inspirational John Green.
Rahma Fateen


Romaisa_xox said...

Great post, Rahma :)
I had a feeling the book you were referring to and the inspiration for this post was from John Green ;)
I'm reading The Fault in Our Stars too :) x

Rahma Fateen said...

Yes he has a very unique style!
It's so good isn't it? I'm sure you'll love it!