Monday, May 18, 2015

Dear Daisy -3

Okay back to your email, maybe the good thing about this year is that I've marched through it alone, you have encountered all my stages. Though last week I was in this gathering, and a girl mentioned something about sins and that we shouldn't ever lose hope of ourselves and that Allah not only forgives everything, but also accepts us after going back a million times. What stuck in my head is a word she said, God created us weak. We are not supposed to be strong. We are not supposed to be strong to be able to go through everything in life without any tiredness. I mean, if so, what’s the point of life in the first place? Where is the test in that? You already have muscles to carry 239840238 kilos, then why are you being competed? Don’t you think? We were created weak to fight, and fall, fight and build muscles, till we are strong enough, and once we are, then we've won, we've accomplished the mission God has created us to do by fighting our way to our goals, once we've done that we can die as martyrs, die as heroes and meet God winning. When that happens we deserve our prize which is paradise for infinity.

Add to that, one of the ways we build our muscles through life is accompanying The Strong. God is the only strong one, God is the one who created all those obstacles, then for sure He is above them all. And if I want to pass those obstacles I need to be beside Him. كن جوار الرامي تنجو. Stay beside the one who aims the arrow and nothing will get you down.

It’s just my obsession about strength, I've finally found the answer. I don’t have to be strong because I will never be enough to pass what’s awaiting me in the future as each level is harder than the one before, but one thing I believe in, is that if I always make God number one in all my worries and questions, He with all His strength will never let me down, He will even give me more strength than I've asked for or ever dreamed of. You see He is Malik El-Molk, giving all his creations everything they need wouldn't lessen any more than a drop in the ocean of what He owns subhanahu wata’ala.

Rahma Fateen


Mariam Elgamal said...

“إذا آمنت لم تعد بمقدار نفسك, ولكن بمقدار القوه التى أنت بها مؤمن”
مصطفى صادق الرافعي-

أحمد زيدان said...

أرى في تسلسل مقالاتك "منازل إياك نعبد وإياك نستعين" واضحة كوضوح الشمس في رابعة النهار ... واصلي الطرق تُفتح لك الأبواب بإذن الله تعالى