Sunday, July 26, 2015

On virtual life.

I have this theory about virtual life, internet social media, or any life activities done behind the screens. I tend to believe that they are not true, it takes me a fair enough of time, and inner energy to live with it and dissolve it into my normal life.

Starting from compliments, apologies, gratitude, love, friendships.. all the way to online shopping and booking. I need to constantly remind myself that my credit card payment actually occurred and I will receive my purchase in a matter of days. It doesn't sink in my thoughts and feelings, but the circumstances force me to accept that it has happened, really happened.

Speaking about people communications, or friendship/love in precision. These days it has become normal for people to meet others online and grow a bond becoming so close in no time, but it does never satisfy any physical/emotional need inside any normal human being, or so I believe. It never is enough, because no matter what both sides show on the screens, its never the full story, so you get close to someone you put in the best-friend rank, you get so attached, or in love, you fill your heart, your thoughts, your "real" life with that *image* you have of that person. Yet you lack physical touch, or feelings which are only transmitted through the rest five senses besides the eyes you read with, ears you hear with.

So, you become so close to X that they literally live inside you, your rib cage shelters a part of their soul, but due to incompleteness, it stays virtual; unreal. Because the part of the soul that's inside you itself is incomplete, thus your smile is incomplete, your happiness is incomplete, your friendship is incomplete, your life is not whole, not real, virtual.

Nothing compensates a hug, for example, a tap on the shoulder when you need to cry. No emojis in the world, no matter what keyboard apps you download will ever be an alternative to experiencing the laugh/cry/grin/blush live. There will always be something missing in the character you're talking to. Half lives, which the speaker chooses to show, thinks gazillion times before exposure, can never be duplicated so we'd create a whole.
The puzzle is not yet complete so you can't figure out the picture printed on it, the picture doesn't exist yet, its unreal. Same goes with humans.

Virtual life doesn't work out with me despite my mere attachment. Our generation needs a "real life", so it would stop depending on virtual life, thus live an incomplete life, and die regretful.
That's it.
Rahma Fateen

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