Monday, February 28, 2011

I'b God a Code --- by Kenn Nesbitt

"I’b sick," I pout ad blow my doze.
"I’b misseeg all by favorite shows.
I hab to stay id bed, you see.
My mob wode led me watch TB.
She breegs me chicked soup ad says
that I should try to get sub rest.
Bud I’b too bored ad icky feeleeg,
yired of stareeg ad the ceileeg,
achy, cougheeg, stuffed up, too.
Bud thaks for askeeg. How are you?"

Rahma Fateen


Aya Ghobashy said...

hehe :D
nice but i understand nothing !
i hope you get better soon :)

Chocolate Cloud said...

no one understands this poem
good that you recognized that its with 'cold' language!

The science whiz said...

hope tht u r gonna b better as soon as possible
but wt made u catch a cold?
anywayz...i understood every word in this poem :D
i liked it btw
get well soon :)

Chocolate Cloud said...

thanks mariam.
because yesterday, i was over heated so i opened the balcony and i catched this cold :)
me too. hehe

Anonymous said...

lol, that was FUNNY, anywayz... I hope u GWS isA
Yasmina Ahmad

Aya Ghobashy said...

yeah :)
i just read the poems you put
and... they ARE AH-MAZING i totally loved them , you'll be a great poetess when u grow insha2allah :)
can't wait for the new writings :)
c ya soon ;)
lol, bbye :)

Chocolate Cloud said...

@yasmina: yeah it is. hehe
thanks. isa

@Aya: wow, great you liked them. isa
soon, 'cause i am writing one now ;)
thanks all of you ♥

Sara said...

wow nice rly lobed it
I hab a code too hehe :)
hobe u get better
hey did u write it? I mena ur self
cuase its written up by kenn nesbitt
i know this poet I read some poems for him or her before!! :)
hehe I rly don't know if its a he or a she LOL :P

Chocolate Cloud said...

hope YOU get better soon :P
i didn't write it by myself.
i copied it, and i wrote his name.
yeah, he's famous.
he's a HE. lol