Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hey lovlies

Hey hey heyy!!
You missed me right?  Haha, I knoww :p

Anyway, so I last posted in Ramadan and guess what, after Ramadan was Eid!! So cool right? lol
Eid was no big difference from the previous ones tbh, and we had not so much time afterwards before we started school.
In the last week of vacation aka freedom, I had a sleepover with my two best friends, anD WE DID A HARRY POTTER MARATHON.

and we did this awesome piece of art:

Again I'll mention that I diDN'T SEE THE BEACH THIS SUMMMERRR :((((( I'm not really happy, but I'm going on.

So I started school three days ago, and I'm having Wednesdays off, but we're going on Saturdays, like my sister last year.
Grade 9 is so different from grade 8, I actually do feel the difference though I was in the same system but only a year younger. Imagine how the students from the national system will feel if they come to grade 9 straight away. I mean, it is totally different!! All the teachers are new, and they're so strict. Like last year we were so spoiled, in English we watched a movie a week or something like that lol and our grades were soooo bad, like some boy in my class got -0.1 from 6!! Another thing, we move classrooms, like we don't spend the whole day in one classroom you know, its kinda cool. All my classmates grew, I can feel the difference, and most of the time they're concentrating (which isn't something normal to my class) it's either cuz its the beginning of the year, or cuz they really wanna learn, I dunno.
We've got a Syrian new girl in our class, she soooo cute and I LOVE her accent!! If I stick to her too much I might as well change my accent lol.

I just felt that my blog needed to be updated so yeah hehe.
oh, and I changed my tumblr url fyi. Cuz someone told me that its called chococloud and it had only one chocolate cake lol so I changed it to this It's kinda long I know haha, but it consists of what my blog really consists of :D
Whaddya think of adding gifs? I think its epic dontcha?

See you! x
Rahma Fateen

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