Monday, September 24, 2012

Imagination is my limit -Part One

Her name is Rahma Seif Fateen 2. She is tall and her friends say she's slim , though she doesn't believe it, but  she doesn't bother to lose weight because she likes food so much. Chocolate is her favorite food, shes kinda addicted. She's pretty good at most sports, but still not really athletic. One 15-minute-run and she wouldn't be able to move for a week (that's exaggerating of course).
She has this one friend, who she actually lives for, her name is Rahma Seif Fateen 1. Which is me.
Hey! Now that you know my friend, I actually call her Kate, my favorite name. Don't get surprised, I'm not insane, I'm totally, perfectly, mentally alright. Kate is my imaginary friend, who I am dedicated to.

What brought me to this (not that its bad) is my latest discovery. People are bad. They're evil. Selfish. No one cares for you as much as you care for yourself. Kate is me, myself and I. She lives inside me. She's everywhere I am.
I've been through many situations in my life that proved that I'm right. Times when I was miserable, no one to cheer me up. Times when I was hopeless, no one to show me light. Times when I was broken, no one to heal me. Times when I wished that I didn't exist and there was no one to ask about me.
People who I thought they cared for me, and who I thought they loved me, weren't always there for me. Some betrayed me, some simply sold me, some tried to make me jealous, to break me, others who weren't even bothering to think about me.
Lots of people came in and out of my life. Either changing me, or passing by like cold wind, only leaving some memories. But at the end, the only thing that remained was me, my feelings and my thoughts, so lonely and weak.

Only recently had I decided that I couldn't take it anymore, I needed to share everything with someone, I had to show my feelings and not keep it inside me which always caused me pain and sorrow.
That was when I decided I needed Kate. I needed her desperately.

                                                                                               -- Continued.

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