Thursday, September 20, 2012

Liebster Award!

Romaisa  is the lovliest thing ever. She gave me this award too ^_^
I thank her dearly :)
ahhahaha yay thank you Romi <3 nbsp="nbsp">

The rules:

  • When tagged state 11 facts about yourself,
  • Then answer the 11 questions from the blogger that tagged you,
  • Then choose your own 11 questions and tag someone who has under 200 followers and who you would like to get to know better.
The facts:

  • I like math.
  • I judge (don't judge)
  • I got my eye bruised by my friend's head (yeah she was a nerd)
  • I never got any bone broken (alhamdulillah)
  • I'm writing too many brackets (if you haven't noticed)
  • I just made myself an imaginary friend.
  • I want to learn German.
  • I get headaches too much
  • I think i'm brave, but i'm not. (but believe in yourself heh? ;))
  • I once said that 'dog' was a bad word in class and they all laughed at me :(
  • I am currently writing the 11th fact :P

  • Romaisa's questions:
    1. What is one of your pet peeves?
    When people eat with their mouths open.

    2. What age do you turn on your next birthday?

    3. What is your favourite type of food? (E.g. Indian, Turkish, American, etc)

    4. Have you ever tried pink lemonade?
    no. Do you recommend it? :)

    5. What celebrations do you celebrate in the year? (E.g. Eid, Christmas, Birthdays, etc)
    Eid and birthdays :)

    6. Do you make YT videos? If you're not do you plan to?
    No and no.

    7. Which YouTubers do you watch?

    8. Are you vegetarian or do you have any specific 'food rules/regualtions'?
    I'm chocolatarian.

    9. What languages do you speak?
    Arabic and English

    10. Are you organised?

    11. What's your favourite subject?

    My questions:

    1. What do you do in your free time?
    2. Do you like little kids?
    3. What is your greatest goal?
    4. Whats the most country you want to visit?
    5. When you're angry, what do you do?
    6. Forgive or Forget?
    7. Food or Friends?
    8. Do you mostly hate, or love?
    9. How many siblings do you have?
    10. What do you wanna be when you grow up?
    11. What are you wearing right now?
    The blogs I tag:

    Lots of love. x

    Rahma Fateen


    Kouthar said...

    Rahma, chocolatarian Loooooooooooolll :')

    Rahma Fateen said...

    hhahahhahahah ikr Kouthar xD