Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The world is not identical

Let me get directly into the point. No one is exactly like you. No one has the exact some eyes. No one has the exact same nose. No one has the exact same mouth. No one has the exact same hair. We all agree upon that. People might look alike, but never exactly the same.

What I want to say, is that you will never find someone with your exact same character, either. You might be in common in some interests or thoughts, but if you're similar in something, you must be different in another.
My friend and I both love reading, but she hates mango and she can't even stand the smell of it, while I totally love it, and it's one of my favorite fruits! It's just an example. I only mean that whatever you find in common with someone, you'll find a difference as well. That's the rule of life. And it is an important thing, though. That way we complete each other. It was never bad, only depending on the way we handle it.

You're on a train, you heard two people talking about politics, for example. One of them was a huge pro-something you hate. He was very supporting. You automatically judged him and thought how bad he thinks and criticized everything he said. You got off the train, into your office and surprise! The man you just judged will be working with you the following months. You hate the thought of it and start taking a side from him. Later on, you discover how brilliant he is and how good he does his work. You suddenly like him and appreciate him way of thinking. Ironic.

People say different things, wear different clothes, talk differently and think differently, but that's the good thing about it! It would suck if all the people are you were you. Same clothes, same way of talking, walking, same facial expressions. It's creepy, right?

But, we should NOT judge people by their differences. You might think someone is bad in something. The something you hate in them is the bad thing, not the whole of them. Who are you to judge if someone is bad or good, anyway?

Rahma Fateen


Romaisa_xo said...

Great post Rahma - all of it is so true
Btw I'm loving the new blog makeover! xx

Rahma Fateen said...

Heyy, I missed you loads!
Thanks a million! x