Saturday, December 22, 2012


When I talk with my friends about celebrities, (singers mostly) I really feel so sad for them. They don't get that they're being played with like stupid people and they don't give themselves a chance to think.
First of all, those celebs live in a whole different continent, you gotta be SO LUCKY to only meet them. Not to mention the whole different culture and environment they live in, so the odds are not in your favor if you think you'll actually marry them while there are million other brainwashed people who believe the same.
This  leads to another question,
You know that, why do you love them?
-Good looking? There are lotsa other good looking guys out there with a luckier chance.
-Good voice? Listen to their songs, great, then what?
I mean if I fell in love with people cuz of their voices  i'd be in love with half the people I met. It's not really something to love people for.
When I start arguing about it, they talk about the thing that mainly made me write this.

"They do charity work!"

That's how easily they're fooled? Charity work?
Well, if their intentions were really pure (allahu a'alam) they wouldn't have said about it everywhere 'blah blah donates 3 million $ to a 7 year old with cancer' and stuff like that. Like charity is supposed to be a normal thing with billionaires. Even our religion said that we ought to do charity work, whats so special about them?

Something else, haven't they noticed who they donate to? Kids with cancer. Most likely they know them one way or another.
Why kids? Why cancer? Why not Gaza? Why not Somalia? Why not Africa? Why not Pakistan? No one noticed anything?


Yess.. everyone has feels for innocent kids who have diseases of no cure. Everyone will feel sorry for them anyway.

It's really sick knowing that for a second we thought they were great people.
Way many people started from nothing and followed their dreams to become something important. It's no big deal. Yeah they did sacrifice and faced many problems, but again, it's not a reason to madly love someone.
or what do you think?

Leading to something else. "Their personality is so nice!" LOL DIES
Baah, how many years have you lived with them to say that? From interviews? Isn't there something called acting? Like acting to be something they're not? It's not a hard thing, you know.

I don't mean offending anyone. Love is an uncontrollable thing, and kol wa7ed 7orr. But at least, you have to admit that they are just deceiving you and consider the fact that they're playing with your mind.
Thank you.
Rahma Fateen

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