Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kate Entry: Before the mind explodes

Life is unfair, but it's God who decides our life, and God is fair, so why does He do this to us?

Why is it always the good people who suffer the most?
Why are the people who try their hardest to get closer to God are the most people who lose?
Why are the good people not always happy?
Why are the bad people happy the most?
Why do bad people enjoy their lives like its no trouble?
Why do we love the people who hate us and hate the people who love us?
Why do we care for people who don't give a damn about us and ignore those who care for us?
Why do we hate?
Why is there war?
Why do we lose the ones we love?

Is it because God is saving the best for us at the end?
Is it because this life is just a test and we should aim to score high?
Is it because God loves us?
Is it because God wants us to prove to Him that we love and appreciate what He gives us?
Is God letting us pass by these things so we can think this way?

Why does God love us even after all the bad things we do?
Why does God forgive us after we repeat the same sin many times?
Are we that precious?
Shouldn't we love God the same?
How can we show God that we love Him?
I love God.
God gave us a lot and I'm ready to give as much as I can in return.
I want to see God.
The Great God who planned for every single small detail in our lives.
I want to meet Him.
I want to thank Him.
I want to cry begging for His forgiveness and seeking His mercy.

We are nothing compared to Him, yet we forget.
We are such ignorant fools.
I hate us.

Rahma Fateen

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Naqiah said...

I love this post; I can related to this. xx