Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Assalamu Alikum sweethearts!
Haven't written anything personal lately, though I've been having strong thoughts of using this blog as a mean of expressing my thoughts, and mainly to leave a spot in this world (also cuz my life isn't much interesting)
On the other side, I keep saying that I can make the blog a mix of both, but then again I tell myself that it would be much better if I have a clear intention so it can be beneficial in a way. I also thought of making a YouTube channel, I thought it would be easier for me to talk than write you know, but I haven't set my mind yet.
I wanna know what you think!

Anyways, since I haven't decided yet, I'm gonna tell you about what has been happening in my life recently.
Firstly, I'm close to my mid-year exams. They're next week (and i'm blogging, cheers!) I'm so stressed  it has never been this way before! And tbh, I don't study enough, which is totes not good! All I do, is either write (you can older posts) or sketch (people's faces mainly, or eyes, i'm in love with eyes) or talk to my best friend. Yeah, that sums it all up. I think I began to come to my senses though and started to study, and at least sketching and writing aren't a total wast of time right so

Yeh know what else? I'M READING LES MISERABLES. No, I didn't watch the trailer and I'm not reading it for the movie. Gimmie a break for God's sake! I'm reading it cuz I haven't read anything in a while and I GREW UP! Yeah, grown ups read big books. Les Miserables is a big book. I'm reading Les Miserables, therefore, I'm a grown up! 

Oh, and Happy New Year!
Willing to be a better person in 2013 inshaallah.
You guys know what else i'm doing? I'm doing something called 'The happiness jar' since 1\1\13, anything that makes me happy (like really happy, not normal smiley things) I write them on paper an put them in the jar. On 1\1\14, I'll open this jar and see how happy 2013 was. I hope so! (it's a way of being optimistic).
That's it for now.
I'll write something soon!

I advise you to read this blog, cuz iTS THE BEST IN THE WORLD AND I LOVE THAT GIRL ABRAR. <3 p="p">

Rahma Fateen                


Romaisa said...

Making YouTube videos sounds like such a good idea and I think you should go for it!

Good luck on your exams iA and happy new year! The jar idea is something nice to be doing isn't it? Now I just need a jar, haha! x

Rahma Fateen said...

I was just thinking about it again right now haha! You think? :)

Thanks, i'll need it!
Yepp, it's great! Go ahead haha x