Monday, January 28, 2013

Nay to selfishness

Sometimes when I'm miserable, staring at the ceiling, thinking deeply of the reasons why I'm so blue, I discover that every single time i'm sad, from different situations, its because of selfishness. Every time I try to please myself the most and expect people to cope with my wishes (and they don't) I don't think of what my wishes my cause them, what are their excuses for refusing  I just think that I'm not loved and that they don't want me happy and eventually make myself miserable. And that, is completely untrue. It's just that everyone looks at the same situation from different views  I might not imagine them all (and here comes their role of explaining) but I must keep their opinions into consideration, because mostly (unfortunately) in the future, I discover that their opinions were (slightly) right.

Anyway, what I want to say, is that we shouldn't live to please ourselves only. We live to get good deeds, and we get good deeds by helping others and pleasing them. So why not save all the sadness and stop thinking of ourselves for sometime, and try to please others? At the end you'll be pleased of pleasing others which makes it all good and fair.
I know our desires are so tempting, but that's the challenge in it.

Rahma Fateen