Friday, February 8, 2013

Band aid for a soul?

At some point in our lives, we'll stop faking happiness and realise that life beats out all the happy moments whether we like it of not. What do we even benefit from faking? Yeah it is a way of convincing ourselves to be happy, but we're the first people who know that it's fake, that it's not true.
It's like wrapping a gloomy gift with a beautiful wrap, what's the use? It'll cost much and wont please anyone at the end. Maybe a temporary pleasure because of the beautiful sight of a smiling face, but if we don't unwrap ourselves, someone eventually will, and it will hurt.

Whatever a broken, hurt soul is covered by, even if it's gold and jewels, it will be eaten up sooner or later. Because a scratched soul experienced the bad things in life. It knows that life isn't something to smile and laugh about. Consequently  an infected soul, cannot live in a life full of germs without joining it and exposing itself, even if covered with a million something layers. It'll eat them up then be hurt more until there is no more hope but still stay getting hurt until its time for it to die and vanish.

Rahma Fateen

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