Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Red.

I'm in an English class, although what I'm doing is so dangerous (yeah, our teacher is evil, i'm not allowed to do anything else but listen to her boring rants) but whatever.
Anyway, as Valentine's Day is two days from today, naturally, our teacher was talking to us about it and how we are going to celebrate it and stuff.

What I don't understand is, Valentine's is something like a love day, do people hate each other all year long? I seriously don't get it. It might be, I dunno what it might be?!
The point is that people get the word 'love' in a, I don't want to say wrong, but rather weird way. Why does the color red express love? Red is the color of blood. Isn't it kinda ironic? And roses. All gifts in general. How do you think will the poor feel in Valentine's when all couples gift each other expensive gifts while they don't have enough money to buy a chocolate bar? Lonely people and widows? When everyone out there knows that its an international love day, what would you think of a guy/girl not celebrating it for any reason? You, not you the reader, but some people will judge them as if they're not loved, which is far from true. People who really are lonely, will feel left out and hated themselves because everyone around them are celebrating it with someone they love. And I'm sure you all know what I mean by celebrating here.
Basically, what is the use of the day in the beginning? We love people everyday. It's not that couples, for example, don't gift each other all year long and wait for the 14th of February to get their lovers a gift! Coming to think of it, it's kinda pathetic.

** I'm not against it though, everyone's free to do whatever they want.
On a side note: I'm celebrating Valentine's day with my teady bear who wont buy me anything, solidarity with the poor (also because it can't, whatever)

Rahma Fateen

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