Saturday, November 20, 2010

The worst Eid EVER :(

Yes, it is the worst eid ever.
can you tell me what happened so interesting that can make it good?
i think i will tell you what happened
first of all my shoe wasn't so nice and it was so tiring, i just got it because mom told me that if i didn't get a shoe from this shop i wont get at all, and guess what i don't have except sports shoes i don't have one suitable for eid, and of course i wont wear a sports shoe with fancy clothes!
the second thing is that we didn't go to dandy mall and there is no eid without dandy mall.
the first day, i went to pray, and i didn't meet anyone but Mariam Elgamal, Nuha, Safiya and Aya (these are the people who i told them 'hi') I also met Mariam Dini but i didn't have a chance to tell her 'hi'
then we went home and made breakfast and this time we invited our granny not the opposite as usual.
then we went to our other granny to have another breakfast, and i played ping pong with my aunt and then we went to visit the rest of our relatives.
after we finished visiting we went to hyper and ate there, plus also we ate ice-cream, and went home.
we slept early that day cuz we had to wake up early the next day to go to slaughter the cow in a far place, it was so boring over there, they took very long time to cut the meat, we sat in the car listening to music until they finish. when we went home we didn't do much, we just went to give meat to people, then came home didn't do anything.
the third day we woke up, made breakfast, then went to visit mom's family then we ate pizza, then went to the club for only  5 mins! (really i'm not exgagorating this time)
then we went home, i sat on the computer for 15 mins only :(
the last day was on Friday, i didn't do anything but studying, i played a little with my brothers (actually i didn't study well, so i'm going to study again today :( )
that's it
now can you tell me what we did to make this eid nice?
stay at the club for 5  mins?!
nothing, but of course i have to thank Allah for all what we did
Thank you Allah
i did enjoy staying with my lovely family without school stress. :D

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