Monday, November 15, 2010

Eid is tomorrow! YAY!!

hello anyone,
guess what?
tomorrows eid and I don't feel so excited like always, I feel like tomorrows a normal day!
I don't know what's wrong, since I came to Egypt I never enjoyed any eid or maybe I did but not so much like I used to in America
Yesterday we went to Dandy Mall to buy our clothes we entered all the stores in the mall!
and at last when mom was like dying I bought a blouse only! but today I bought the shoes and I matched the blouse with a skirt I had but I never wore
I am fasting today, but I feel i'm not! I was going to eat my lollipop and I was about to drink water twice and when I woke up I was going to make my breakfast but I always remember right away!
dunno why but today isn't hot and there is only two hours left for maghrib, that's awesome!
that's it :)
Happy Eid

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