Thursday, November 25, 2010

poem i wrote :)

This is a story 
a story of a girl
who changed her life
just to score

bad deeds used to be
everything she did in her life
but after she had changed
she never thought of anything but what Allah likes 

it started when she dreamt 
that she had went
to a great judge 
and could not budge

she saw heaven 
she saw hell
but she couldn't even
scream to tell

she was so sorry
she woke up in a hurry 
then she felt better
and went to tell her mother

her mother told her 
what she always told her
that she makes lots of bad deeds
and had to stop all these

this time she understood 
what her mom had always said
and now she started her new life
for the sake of heaven's infinite life

doing good deeds 
leaving bad deeds
wearing the hijab 
to enter every bab


The science whiz said...

wow I rlly like this poem
its rlly nice
Q. who is tht grl or it is just a poem?

Purple Tomboy (Rahma) said...

its just a poem
don't think in a wrong way ya mariam